Recently, TIS Puchong had the pleasure to host the Interactive Outdoor Classroom (IOC)’s premier screening of their new documentary entitled “Inclusion Equals Love.” This documentary highlights the nature of the critical importance of including those children who have additional needs and talents. These children are commonly treated with ignorance in the community and, as a result, suffer unfairly. Many have incredible talents and I was beyond impressed at the performances of Teng Hong on the piano and Ethan (piano) and Ryan (vocals). These boys had only started to learn their instruments just over a year ago but can perform complicated pieces to perfection. This was a humbling and impressive event and one that TISPC was privileged to host. Our support of the IOC goes back several months as we provide facilities for their weekend activities, particularly sports. This is a relationship that has been cemented and is set to continue with TISPC students supporting this worthy organisation for the betterment of a great many children. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rosie Greaves, the Head of Inclusion for the Primary School at TISPC for initiating contact with this excellent community focussed organisation.  

If you would like to learn more about inclusive education generally, please see the following links:

Open Society Foundation:
IOC Malaysia:

In other news, I am delighted to report on the recent successes in debating for our Secondary Students. We sent three teams to the annual KDU Inter School Debate Championship British Parliamentary Debates at KDU Glenmarie (KIDS BP). This is one of the longest running inter school debate tournaments in the country and is considered to be one of the "must go" tournaments for every debate club. As such, it is also one of the most competitive with participants that have previously debated in the World Scholar's Cup (WSC) Debating Championships participating. 

This was the third major debating tournament for TISPC this year and we are very proud of Tan Jing and Daphne who qualified in the  semi finals after only two terms of preparation.  This is significant as most debaters competing at this event commonly spend at least a year of training before they have a chance to advance to the semi-finals. This is an excellent result and one that will be rewarded in the form of a Head of School commendation.  Very well done to our semi-finalists and to the teams who took part!

World Scholars’ Cup (WSC): 
British Parliamentary Debating - what is it?: 

We have been hosting Quantum Learning Education for the 10 days who have been working with our teachers with a view to further improving the standard of learning and teaching at TISPC.  A senior member of the Quantum Team, Mr Mark Reardon, has worked with teachers as well as middle and senior leaders in both Puchong and KL campuses and has been delighted with the passion that our staff have shown to their students and to the training given. As a result we have now completed the first stage of preparation that will enable us to be certified as a Quantum School. We will now be working towards the next level of certification that we aim to qualify for by the end of the academic year. Such certification is important as it enables us as a school to further guarantee the quality of our teaching based on high international standards so reflecting the quality of provision for our students. 

Quantum Learning Education:
Mr. Mark Reardon: 

Wednesday 11 July 2018 1945 hrs - Special Event

We are privileged to be hosting the Derwent Valley Concert Band -  - from Tasmania, Australia who will be playing for one night only at our auditorium at 1945 hrs on Wed 11 Jul 18 in the auditorium. TIS Students can enter free of charge. Parents and other guests can attend for the discounted cost of RM35.

Please email to book your ticket for what promises to be a very enjoyable evening of concert music.


I would like to congratulate all students who took part in the Berjaya TeenStar Semi finals this past weekend. An excellent event that showed our students at their very best and espousing the values of TIS. Lana Hussayni (Year 9) was placed in the top 30 singers while Neo Baker (Year 11) was selected as a top 12 finalist for Solo Singing. 

In the Dance category, both our entries have made it to the finals! Ethan Oey and Gabriel Ambrose (Year 8), AKA team "TopNotch" and Minnie Kittiaram, Elise Lai and Bridget Kho (Year 11), team PACO3, were awarded top spots at the semi finals held last week. 

The Finals will be held in August and, as well as wishing the teams the best of luck, look look forward to reporting back on their achievements. I would also like to thank Mr. Schoeman and his team for the excellent support offered to our students and for consistently going the extra mile so as to ensure that performances are of the highest standard.

Car Parking

Whilst it is greatly appreciated that most parents park in the allocated parking bays, there are still a few individuals who are not doing this and leaving cars unattended in places that cause obstruction and delay to other road users. In response, the security team will be clamping vehicles that are causing obstruction or are left unattended in areas outside designated parking  bays.  This includes lanes and areas adjacent to the pick up and drop off areas. Please do use the parking facilities provided and do comply with guidance from the Security personnel who are doing their utmost to manage the traffic situation for the good of all users.

Wishing you a restful weekend and a positive and inclusive week ahead.

Kind Regards,

David Flint 斐迪偉
Principal of Taylor’s International School Puchong