Dear Parent,
This week I start by asking you a favour.  In the last week or so a survey was sent out to you and I would really be appreciative if you took 20 minutes out of your busy schedule to fill the survey in. This survey is very important to me as it will allow me to identify those areas that we are doing well and those areas that we are doing less well in more accurately. Last year only 15% of you completed the survey, and although this is a sizeable cohort, it is not truly representative. What I would like to see is many more of you giving me your opinion on the different areas of the school. This will allow me to plan accordingly and it will inform me in the Three Year Development Plan that I want to implement, as this will allow me to look at strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. I will be most thankful for your cooperation in doing this as it really would be of most benefit. I look forward to your cooperation.
Today, Friday, I am looking forward to the Options Afternoon for Year 9 students and parents, which is always an important landmark in the life of our young learners. This allows discussion and thought to go into the process of choosing subjects that will have a huge impact on these young people, as it is formative for the rest of their lives. Following this, next Friday 19 July is our PLC, Parent - Learner Conference for the Secondary School. The letter inviting you to this was sent over a month ago and this gives you the opportunity to come along with your son or daughter to talk in more depth with teachers about progress. I look forward to seeing many of you there and I myself will have my own History students and parents to see.
Today also sees the return of Year 6 residential trip from Port Dickson. From all accounts it has been an enjoyable and lovely experience had by all. Today is also the turn of the Year 3 camp run within the confines of the school.

Lastly, On Monday 15th July you will see some boarding around the Early Years area. This is because we are constructing a new Early Years play area and garden. Learning doesn’t only take place in the classroom and therefore we are developing our outdoor learning environment for the Early Years. 

This design has been created by the collaboration of minds by the Early Years team. We thought the improvement of learning by creating a safe and challenging outdoor learning environment based on the latest research of how young children learn. Together, we explored opportunities that support the development of physical learning, curiosity, social learning, communication, wondering, exploration and observation. It was turned into a design by expert landscapers and next week the work to realise our plan will start. We are looking forward to sharing these new learning  opportunities with you and the children after the holidays.

 A reminder please to please bring your tag and wear it in school. It is part of a very important procedure to ensure safety. If you do forget your tag you must have some form of identification as well. It is part of the guard’s duty to check this so please bear with them as they are only doing their job to protect all our children. 
Kind regards
Stefano Piumatti
Principal of Taylor’s International School Puchong