This is the last time I will be writing to you as Principal of TIS Puchong and I am sad to be leaving such a wonderful group of students, teachers and parents who have made me feel so welcome throughout the time that I have been here. Taylor’s, Puchong, is a unique school and one that has so much to offer our current and future students.  

We have made great gains in our sports and performing arts abilities in addition to embedding a solid academic base through the full implementation of the IPC and delivering excellent examination results at IGCSE. We have not and will not stop there, however, as there is so much more to delivering an excellent educational journey for students, teachers and parents. TISPC, in common with other quality international schools, constantly reviews and develops in every aspect of our operations. To that end, our work with Quantum Education USA and our journey towards Quantum Schools Certification (Nov 19), serves to improve our classroom practice and embed quality pedagogy as part of our routines; work will continue in 2019. Our improvement has been further endorsed this year by the recent SKIPS inspection at which an excellent, 5 star,  result was strongly indicated.  This outcome will be confirmed and published in 2019.

Recently, I have had the pleasure of farewelling our Year 11 students at their graduation and in celebrating the move of Year 6 into Year 7. Further, our TIS Puchong Sports Tour left yesterday for Thailand and, for next year, the final plans are now in place for the UK performing arts tour. All in all, a busy, progressive and positive year with more exciting developments forecast for next year.

As I complete my time at Taylor’s, I leave as someone who has learned and grown within the Taylor's, and indeed the Malaysian families! These are experiences that I am truly grateful for and will hold dear in the years ahead.  
I shall miss you but enjoy reading about your future successes in 2019 and beyond.

Good luck to you and may God bless you all.  

Kind regards
David Flint 斐迪偉
Principal of Taylor’s International School Puchong