On Monday students for Taylor’s University set up an amazing science fair for our children. All our classes participated in the science experiments that the students had created for them. There were periscopes, cars powered by balloons, cranes using magnetic force to lift up objects and much, much more. This was another example of how our ongoing collaboration with Taylor’s university provided our children with very enjoyable and effective learning experiences.
This week was Book Week for the primary school. The whole week we promoted the reading of books in many different ways. Just to name a few activities; we had ‘Stop, Drop and Read’ sessions, a visit from an author, Teacher’s Mix-up etc. Basically, too many activities to list them all!
Book week came to a conclusion with three big events on the Friday. First off, we all enjoyed a parade of children (and teachers!) being dressed up as their favorite book characters. After that we enjoyed a true celebration of reading in our book week assembly with a record number of parents joining us for this occasion! Then, parents and some grandparents went into classes to read their favourite books to the children.
At the end of the assembly we invited our parents to view all the amazing Book Week door decorations created by children, parents and teachers. They all look amazing and certainly worth a visit whilst they are still on display!
A word of appreciation for all parents, teachers and children who have made our Book Week to such a success. What an amazing way to celebrate the importance and the enjoyment of reading books!
Mr. Marco Damhuis(Head of Primary) 
Email Contact : marco.damhuis@pc.tis.edu.my