The last week of term was a packed week, filled with activities and large quantities of learning!
On Saturday, we had an open day at the end of an open week, during which many families visited the school. As usual, we had the help of some very welcoming and eloquent student-ambassadors to tour the visitors around school and answer their questions in a frank and informative manner. The ambassadors did a great job representing the school!
Part of the open day was an information session on how we use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) to enhance learning in our school. As the IPC can feel quite different from what parents traditionally were used to seeing happening in schools, we feel it is important to share information about the IPC with new and prospective parents. To this end, we will also repeat our IPC information sessions to introduce parents to the IPC. In term 2 these sessions, particularly aimed at new parents or those who would like a refresher, will be on Thursday the 9th of May with one session at 08:00 (8 AM) and another identical session (for those who can’t make it in the morning) at 19:00 (7 PM).
Where these sessions are aimed at providing parents with the basic knowledge and understanding on what the IPC aims to do, we now also plan to offer an IPC information session which will inform the parents of how we have been using the IPC so far and what our IPC plans are for the future. In other words; an ‘IPC update’. This information event will be of interest to all primary parents and will be held on Thursday the 30th of May at 08:00 (8 AM).
Staying with the topic of IPC, we enjoyed a number of exit-points in our school this week.
It started with the Year 6 Exit-point on Monday, ending their unit of learning on ‘Earth as an Island’ This was Year 6’s first Exit-point with parents as an audience and the children truly enjoyed sharing their learning with parents and other visitors. Year 4 took their turn on Wednesday, to share with their audience what they had learnt during their ‘The Active Planet’ unit. At one of the stations we could test how various constructions would react to an earthquake by placing them on a bed of shaking jelly. On Thursday, we had a day completely filled with Exit-points.  It started with the Year 1 children sharing their learning during the ‘Who am I’ unit. I particularly enjoyed the station where the children were talking to me about the different emotions you can experience. This was followed by a Year 2 Exit-point where the children shared their learning on their ‘We are what we Eat’ unit. As it turned out, I was pretty unsuccessful in guessing from which countries the various fruits and vegetables originated! The final Exit-point for that day was the Year 3 celebration of their learning on ‘Chocolate’. This Exit-point again showed how a topic can link to so many subjects in various ways. On Friday, the Early Years ended the string of Exit-points with sharing their learning during the International Early Years Curriculum’s (IEYC) ‘Animal rescuers’ unit. The children loved sharing their learning and enjoyed the activities they could do together with their parents.
Friday also saw the beginning of what could possibly become a tradition at TIS Puchong. Around 100 parents joined us to enjoy all the songs that we have been singing in our assemblies. During the ‘Sing-Along assembly, they got to hear 11 songs about our RECIPE, about learning, about welcoming people and about saying good-bye. It was lovely to finally be able to share these songs with the parents. The children sang beautifully and participated with their usual passion for singing. We also had some teachers on stage for some of the songs. We will invite more of them in the future!
This newsletter concludes all the action in term 1. We are looking forward to welcoming all the families back on Tuesday the 23rd of April. Have a great holiday!

Mr. Marco Damhuis (Head of Primary) 
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