Both year 3 and year 4 came to the Entry Point of a new IPC unit this week.

In year 3 the students turned into archaeologists and paleontologists excavating fossils from pools filled with sand. This marked the start of their IPC unit ‘Footprints from the Past’. The Year 4 students transformed into explorers who, equipped with compasses and iPads, went out on a treasure hunt to find various continents hidden around the school. This was the start of their IPC unit called ‘Explorers and Adventures’.The aim of an Entry-Point in IPC is trigger the children’s’ curiosity, to activate their prior knowledge and get them interested to find out more about the topic at hand.It really needs to get the engagement going! For teachers the true test is really if the children came back home after an exit-point and could not wait to tell the parents what happened that day and what they are going to be learning about? The year 3 and year 4 children seemed to really enjoy their Entry-Points so I hope they did actually talk about it at home!
In our assemblies, we often take time to reflect on the Taylor’s values that form our RECIPE:
Respect - Excellence - Communication - Integrity – Passion – Enjoyable Environments.
Today we discussed with the children the meaning of ‘excellence’ and what does it actually mean when you ‘strive for excellence’. First thing we like to make clear to our students is that it doesn’t mean not make mistakes or not getting it wrong in school. That is not what it means at all! In school, all children are in a ‘learning’ mode; they are here to learn and an important part of learning is getting it wrong, making mistakes. Through persistence and with a good portion of resilience, you keep going until you approach excellence. Once you move from the ‘learning mode’ to ‘performance mode’, you will be ready to achieve at a new level!  That’s to us a very workable way to describe ‘striving for excellence’; you keep going at it until you get it right!

We ended the assembly with a song on ‘excellence’ that the children will be learning over the next couple of weeks.
Have a great weekend!
Mr. Marco Damhuis (Head of Primary) 
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