This week the first signs of Chinese New Year on its way became visible in school with an impressive banner in the atrium and some excellent artwork on display! I am looking forward to next week’s celebrations for my first introduction to Chinese New Year. The Mandarin department have set-up a great programme for our students which I am sure they will enjoy.
In year 1 we could observe reading and writing numbers to 20 with one-to-one correspondence during their Numeracy lesson. Each of the children was given a card with either a number or the spelling of the number on it. After that, they had to find their partner who had the number or the spelling that matched theirs. Lastly, once they found their partner, they had to arrange themselves from 1 to 20! The students used their listening ears and their respectful communication skills to complete this activity and had lots of fun in the process which aided their learning!
During Friday’s assembly, we sang our TIS’s song for the first time with piano and voices only. It sounded very upbeat and the children sang it very well. The main part of the assembly was about the three different kinds of learning we can distinguish: knowledge, skills and understanding. We learned how to play the ‘paradiddle’ rhythm (great fun having a drumming session with all the children in the hall!) and then detected that this kind of learning was skill based as it was something we were ‘able to do’ and through practice we were getting better at it. We finished off with ‘The learning Song’ which consolidated our learning on KSU (knowledge, skills and understanding).
Six of our colleagues in primary were engaged in a 4-day advanced training programme on Quantum Learning. Quantum Learning is a system developed in America that enhances learning in both primary and secondary classes promoting the best pedagogy, design and delivery of lesson activities in school. Taylor’s Education has an exclusive partnership with Quantum Learning and this week’s training is just one example of how we take full advantage of this with the ultimate goal of improving our students’ learning at all levels.
Next week will be a short week with the Chinese New Year celebration on the Wednesday.
All parents should have received, through Remind, an invite for the celebratory assembly which starts at 8. Already many of you have used the RSVP link to inform us that you will be joining us. It will be great to welcome you to this special event in our calendar.
Mr. Marco Damhuis(Head of Primary) 
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