Today’s Primary assembly was all about ‘Excellence’ - one of Taylor’s schools’ core values. We discussed how Excellence can be achieved in many different areas of our lives and we enjoyed and celebrated examples of Excellence in Mathematics and Duathlon.

Excellence has two defining features for me. Firstly, with your performance you stand out from the crowd, hence the term ‘outstanding’. Your level of skill or knowledge is such that you’re clearly seen as being an exceptional achiever in your area . A second element of excellence is that it is not just a snapshot in time. People who achieve excellence continue to strive to meet new and higher targets as they progress further in their field of expertise. The ongoing nature of their performance is part of their display of excellence.

Research indicates that to reach a mastering level, where you truly stand out from the crowd, requires 10,000 hours of practice. More recent research shows that this can be longer or shorter depending on how this practice is designed. Those who can bring in new challenges in their training will progress quicker as a result. What is abundantly clear is that the amount of effort put in makes a significant difference to the level you will achieve and that on its own is, of course, a worthy message to send out to our students: Practice! Practice! Practice! and you will get one step nearer to excellence all the time.

As we are in the last weeks of the final term, a lot of our thinking is around transitioning to ensure that the change into the next academic year runs smoothly. A lovely example of this was the visit from our Reception students to the Year 1 classes. After returning from the taster sessions, the unknown had become an exciting prospect and something to look forward to. There are more transition activities scheduled for the remaining weeks of the year and one of them will be our Year 6 students getting a real taste of life in our Secondary school.

In Year 2 we saw the children working on division problems. A great example of rigorous and meaningful learning that can be fun was happening in class 2H where the children were using carefully chosen game activities to get their heads around the tricky division concepts and practise the learning they had been introduced to. 

Wishing all members of our school community a great weekend,
Mr. Marco Damhuis(Head of Primary) 
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