It was so good to welcome back all the families and children on Monday, after this long recess. The school really came back to life! The teachers have been preparing for the start of year for a long time and we were all very happy to finally commence the academic year 2019!
A substantial number of children have joined our school and we have welcomed both talented and experienced teachers who have joined our faculty.
I was very happy today to see many parents joining us for the ‘Meet the Teacher’ events that were organised throughout the day. It gave us an opportunity to welcome everybody into the new academic year and to thank everybody for entrusting our school and my team with the responsibility for the learning, growth and wellbeing of their children.
The teachers did an excellent job in explaining the plans and expectations for their classes and sharing some of the routines that will benefit the children. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to talk to so many parents about their important first impressions.
We continuously strive to further develop what we do here at Taylor’s. There is a strong commitment to always aim to achieve more for our students, both academically and in terms of personal development gains.
Having implemented the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in Years 1 to 5, it is now time to start the IPC in Year 6 as well. On Wednesday, they kick-started their IPC journey with the Entry Point of their first unit; ‘Being Human’. Other year groups also treated their children to exciting entry-points throughout the week. In the IPC programme, ‘Entry Points’ are meant to enhance the students’ curiosity, providing a ‘wow-moment’ that gets them to look forward to the learning ahead of them. It also gives the children a first opportunity to connect with previous knowledge and experiences around the topic of their unit.
We truly hope that the children have enjoyed their first week back in school and we are looking forward to a year filled with learning!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Mr. Marco Damhuis (Head of Primary) 
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