Last week we focused on the Taylor’s core value of communication. There have been a number of research projects that focused on what major companies are now looking for when it comes to hiring new talent. Being able to be a good and open communicator emerged as a clear requirement that employers are looking for. We ended our focus on communication by singing the ‘communication song’ in our Friday assembly. If something is really important in our primary school, we usually have a song about it.
In the same assembly, we also touched upon Taylor’s core value of ‘Respect’ as we celebrated individual children’s achievements. Having invited them on stage, we always ask the children how they achieved their particular skill level. This brings home the message that practice and dedication is needed to strive for perfection. Today, the children also mentioned the importance of good teachers and coaches. Something we obviously confirm wholeheartedly!  Staying with the theme of ‘excellence’, on Tuesday, Year 6 students took part in the Novel Knockout Competition. They managed to get 11th place out of 22 team from different international schools. Congratulations to them!
On Friday we had two visitors from the leadership team from Saigon Star International school in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. They came to share with us their experiences with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and to learn more about the way we implemented the IPC in our school. They were very impressed to see how the learning in our school had changed by implementing the IPC, merging it with Quantum Learning System and our RECIPE. They particularly mentioned the passion and enthusiasm of the teachers they met and their desire to continuously develop themselves. 
Mr. Marco Damhuis (Head of Primary) 
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