It’s hard to believe that we just conducted our last assembly, having arrived at the end of the 2018 academic year. It only seems like yesterday that we started this year, time has certainly flown by!
It’s been a special year for our primary school in many ways. We saw the introduction of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) up until Year 5. I was confident that our teachers and leaders would pick up the IPC like a duck to water but the sheer zest, passion and creativity with which our staff implemented the IPC for their children, has surpassed any expectation I held at the beginning of the year. The way the IPC has been used, has made learning come alive with a buzz! It also made the learning in school so much more visual with ‘Learning Journeys’ (IPC displays) in classes and hallways. Throughout the year we have enjoyed many Entry and Exit- points, celebrating and reflecting on the learning that has taken place. For the majority of the Exit-points, children shared their learning with many parents and visitors. I could not have dreamed of a better start with IPC! That does not mean that everything is perfect. Like with all programmes, we are still in the implementation phase in which we are developing further every week, constantly strengthening our practices. This is the case for IPC as much as any other programme. However, the way it has already positively affected the learning in our primary community is encouraging and admirable. Upwards and onwards!
Another element of the special 2018 Primary School concoct, must certainly be the first cohort of our Class Rep. parents. They have been so important in arranging the parental support for the classes and the class teachers. This group of parents have definitely increased the parental engagement in the school, strengthening our school community in the process. My deepest appreciation goes out to all parents who helped out in all classes, it made the experience for our children extra special.
So many more special events and developments that occurred in our primary school are deserving of a shout-out, but it would simply take too long to mention all of these in this newsletter without resolving to an endless list.
Talking about next year, there are a number of exciting plans in the pipeline that are currently in preparation. First off, the Early Years department will be moving to the current Year 2 area where, in phases, the inside- and outside area will be restructured to create an environment that will be attractive, inviting and suited for the best EY learning to take place.This will coincide with the introduction of the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), the precursor to the IPC.
Other plans for 2019 include, amongst many others, the introduction of the IPC assessment programme and the development of a ‘Language Profiling’ system to align expectations in English, Bahasa and Mandarin.
Next year, we will welcome new talent and experience into the school. I will introduce our new members of staff in the first 2019 newsletter but, for now, would like to draw your attention to two new additions to our leadership team. Mrs. Sara Thomas will bring her vast experience into the EY department as she will lead our Early Years from January 2019. Ms. Shusan Peterus will take up the position as Year Leader for our Year 4 classes, extending her excellent leadership work for our Primary School.We wish them success and enjoyment in their new positions in our school.
Year 6 celebrated this week their completion of the primary school, entering a new stage in their education as they progress into secondary. In a worthy celebration, we gave our students some last words of advice and wished them all the best for that new world called ‘Secondary’. We are confident they will do well and enjoy their new challenges. Mr. Mike and his team are ready for them!
In our last assembly today, it was time to say goodbye to the children and members of staff who are leaving the primary school today. We wished them all the best for their new adventures! The teachers received flowers as thank you for all they have done for the school and the students they have worked with. Good luck and may the future bring all you can wish for.
A big thank you to all the teachers and the leaders in the primary school who have worked so tirelessly to make this a special and amazing place to learn.
A last word of appreciation must go out to our parting principal. Thank you, Mr. David Flint, for your leadership and guidance, we have truly enjoyed our partnership. All the best for the future.
To all of our community, have a great holiday, may it be an enjoyable one!
Looking forward to welcome all the families back on Monday, January the 7th

Mr. Marco Damhuis (Head of Primary) 
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