Over the last two weeks most of the year groups have wrapped up their IPC units with Exit-Points. It was wonderful to see so many parents coming in to share the learning with the children. It was also great to see that many children are growing in confidence when presenting their learning. The use of posters, hands-on activities, games and artefacts is really helping them to report on the knowledge they have gained. This is certainly a trend that is more and more visible during the Exit-Points. It fits in with the ethos of the IPC, children learn more and come to a greater understanding when facts are connected to a joined-up learning experiences. For example, one year 6 student told me today that one of the reasons that explorers started to discover ‘new worlds’ was their search for ‘recourses’. When I asked what resources they were looking for and why, he managed to give me a perfect answer without hesitation. This is obviously just one small anecdote, but it does highlight the kind of learning the IPC can bring to us. I am certainly looking forward to seeing many more successful Exit-Points in the future.

Back to the present, I am very happy to report to you that the first batch of IPC-report cards went out on Thursday. Our Year 2 teachers were the first ones to issue them. This represented a significant next step in our IPC journey. As communicated before, these report cards are in addition to our existing ways of reporting on children’s progress and these ones focus on skills development as we feel the development of key-skills is one of the most effective ways to prepare our learners to be successful as learners and professionals in the future. The other year groups will follow in the week after they have finished their IPC units. Year 6 won’t issue their IPC report cards just yet as they have joined the IPC journey at a later stage. They will soon be ready to do so as well.

Monday is the last day of term. There will be learning going on in all classes as the holiday will only start on Tuesday! However, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a great time over the holiday. School starts again on the 26th of August.
Mr. Marco Damhuis (Head of Primary) 
Email Contact : marco.damhuis@pc.tis.edu.my