The last newsletter in term 2 has as its main theme the cooperation between parents and school. Last Friday’s Parent-Teacher-Conferences were very well attended. This means that many conversations took place that will benefit our children in both their welfare and their learning.
This week the parents returned in overwhelmingly great numbers to school to allow the children to share their learning with them during the IPC exit-points.
Tuesday, the Year 2 children shared their learning that they experienced during the ‘The Circus Comes to Town’ IPC unit. They did so in true style, starting with a circus performance with many different acts, all performed by the children. Afterwards the parents joined the children in their classes for presentations on their learning in the various subjects.
On the same day, our Year 4 learners presented to their parents on their learning during the unit ‘Explorers and Adventures’. The children had come up with many creative ways to let the parents experience the learning that had taken place. Parents could match the right vegetables to the continents where they were discovered, there was a board game and so much more to mention!
On Thursday, it was year 3’s turn to welcome the parents into school for their exit-point on their IPC unit ‘Footprints From the Past’. Our year 3 learners showed great enthusiasm sharing all that they had learned during their exciting IPC unit. Moving from station to station, the parents got a great overview of the many ways children can learn with the IPC.
The last exit-point happened on Friday when our youngest IPC learners from year 1 shared their learning with the parents. The unit ‘The Toymaker’ had proven to be a topic that really captured the children’s imagination and this clearly showed during their exit point. All the children were so keen to let everybody know about the learning journey they had been on.
It was so lovely to see the excitement that the children felt when they were about to share their learning. They really enjoyed this way of presenting to parents about all the things they had learned over the course of the IPC unit. All exit-points were a true celebration of learning and showed the passion for learning that is so evident in our learning community.
As the exit-points are an integral part of the IPC approach, our children will get many opportunities to practise their presenting skills. As they then go through the years in our school, those skills will be honed further and further. A very promising thought for the future.
Our last shout out for this week must go out to all the performers in the Taylor’s Rhapsody performances. They entertained us with so much talent and passion! Of course, for us it was particularly good to see so many primary children singing and dancing at this level!
From all of us in the Primary school, we wish all families a great three weeks of holiday! We are already looking forward to welcoming everybody back on Monday the 20th of August for the start of a new term filled with learning!
Mr. Marco Damhuis (Head of Primary) 
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