We have come to the end of our first term for the 2018 Academic Year and what a term it has proven to be. The first lessons of International Primary Curriculum (IPC) were carried out in year 3 and 4, kick starting a future in which the learning at TIS Puchong is even more rigorous and dynamic than it already was. We also witnessed the start of the Parent Representatives, a set-up aimed at encouraging and enabling parents to be even more part of our school community.

Other highlights for the Primary School, running the risk of not naming so many other memorable events, have definitely been the recent Book-week, Chinese New Year celebrations and the amazing ‘Hairspray Musical’ (look out for our primary performance in term 3!).
I hope that, like us, you are looking forward to all the learning that will take place in term 2. Year 1 and Year 2 will embark on their IPC journey. They will start off with the ‘Brainwave’ unit, in which the children will learn about how the brain works and how we can learn best. Events to look forward to, again with the risk of forgetting them all, will certainly include the Sports days (KS2 26-04, REC. & KS1 27-04) and Taylor’s Rhapsody (20-07 and 21-07).
Today we said goodbye to two of our valued colleagues in Early Years: Ms. Angela and Ms. Nisha. We thanked them with flowers for all they have done for our school and wished them well in their future careers. We have succeeded in finding suitable additions to our faculty and will be communication accordingly as soon as all the formalities have been finalised.
For now, we would like to wish you all a very pleasant break. We are looking forward to welcoming back teachers and children on Monday the 16th of April. 

Mr. Marco Damhuis (Head of Primary) 
Email Contact : marco.damhuis@pc.tis.edu.my