This week we had three year groups holding an IPC (International Primary Curriculum) ‘Exit-Point’ to end their learning on how the brain works. All three year-groups had started the year with the same IPC unit; the ‘Brainwave’. The IPC places great value on children actually reflecting on how they learn and how they can be more effective in their learning. This is called ‘meta-cognition’. Recent research clearly shows how beneficial meta-cognition for all students can be across the board. Conversations about how we learn actually increases students’ results and help them to maintain that passion for learning!
Staying with the topic of IPC; looking back at the start of our IPC journey I must say that I am so pleased how far we have already come in implementing this interactive and dynamic way of learning. In fact, the way we have implemented learning through the IPC has not stayed unnoticed.  I am pleased to share that we have been chosen to present at the main IPC conference, held in Singapore between the 14th and 16th of March. The topic of our presentation will be ‘how the implementation of learning through the IPC has connected with our students, with our teachers and with our families’. The school will be represented by Ms. Diane, Ms. Niwa, Ms. Patricia and Ms. Jayne. I will also be present. Together we will share with other international IPC schools how our teachers and leaders have taken ownership, initiative and responsibility in giving our children the best learning experiences through the IPC. The preparations for this prestigious event are already on their way and we certainly will keep you updated (with pictures).
Wishing all families a lovely break, and of course, happy Chinese New Year.
Looking forward to welcoming everybody back on Monday 11th of February.
Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Mr. Marco Damhuis (Head of Primary) 
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