Sometimes when you reach the end of a term there seems to be a visible sigh within a school. In some ways learners are so ready for the break from the busy long term that all have been committed to and have worked for. However, this week has been equally busy for all learners in school with still a clear focus on learning, with a small window to celebrate success.

This weeks assembly for Ks3 was very much on recognising those that have achieved and to allow a little celebration with them for what has happened. The Performing Arts and Sports department have been incredibly active this term, with great success in so many areas. So many learners have been recognised for individual achievements and also teamwork appreciated as part of the school team success profile. Well done to all participants. More proof to show the amazing talent we have in TIS Puchong. I must also thank the Performing Arts staff led by Mr Ian Schoeman and the Sports staff led by Mr Mark Kelly who have supported TIS Puchong learners in their achievements.

Our Year 11 learners had a separate assembly this week where they were given encouragement to prepare for the coming IGCSE examinations in May and June and the mock examinations that will follow in July. Each Year 11 learner was given a copy of their report with additional sheet that allows them to create an individual action plan to help guide to recognising the areas they must consider to improve attainment. This action plan will need to be shared with parents as there is a section for parents to sign. This action plan should then be brought back to school after the school break.

With the school break now firmly upon us, there is time for rest and reflection. For Year 11 perhaps some revision, however we will be hitting the ground running upon our return to term 2. A reminder for all parents that term 2 starts on Tuesday 23rd April for all learners. Teachers will be participating in school based training off site on Monday 22nd April, but will be ready to greet all returning and new learners to TIS Puchong on the Tuesday. As a quick overview, May is a mixture of public holidays and IGCSE language examinations. June will have our Secondary Sports Day on 14th June and the talent show ‘Taylor’s Voice’ will take place. July will be extra busy as we will see the mock examinations, Year 9 Options sessions, and the PA showcase ‘Taylorian's Rhapsody’.

I trust all learners will have a well deserved break and will join back with us with continued enthusiasm ready for the next term ahead.
Mr. Mike Moreton (Head of Secondary)
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