It has been a terrific start to the new year with so many positive experiences right from day 1. It was great to see so many happy faces returning to school ready for the new academic year and I have to say a special welcome to all new learners and their parents who have joined us for the first time this year at TIS Puchong.

On Monday Mr Stefano led a lovely assembly introducing himself to the Secondary school, communicating how he wanted all learners to feel valued and can chat with him over specific issues if needed.  This was also a good opportunity to outline  and remind all learners about some of the basic rules and guidelines for uniform and movement around the school.

On Wednesday, we had our routine midweek assembly, although the timing of this has changed, instead of these being the first period of each Wednesday, it’s now on the last period of each Wednesday. Mr Gary highlighted the importance and value of the Secondary School Council, and reintroduced the joint chairs for the council, Muhammad Nawfal Bin Nadzrim (10O) and Shanthra Vidthya A / P M Adthisaya Ganesen (10O). I am sure this will be a positive year for our new school council as they have a clear voice in improving our school environment.

As this week has ensured that clear foundations have been laid, confirming class teachers, tutor rooms and timetables, we also have been taking the opportunity to do some baseline assessments to ensure we have more data to allocate the correct classes for each learners ability. From this, some learners may be changing their class teachers next week.

Next week will be a crucial week as we will publish the results of the IGCSEs for lasts years Year 11 cohort. Results are issued by Cambridge on 17th January at 2:00 pm Malaysian time and in the days that follow we will be sharing the results with learners and parents, with an overall analysis available to all parents for your information. I wish all our Year 11 learners the best of luck and trust your hard work will give you the rewards you deserve.

It was great to see so many new parents at our Year 7 ‘Meet n Greet’ this Thursday and I would encourage all parents to watch the calendar for many opportunities to visit the school and participate in activities and events to support learning. On Thursday 17th January there will be a meeting for all parents based on ‘Parent Workshops’. We have ideas of various topics we feel we would like to share with you of how we may be able to help you with learning at home, but we also want to hear from you and ideas for topics that you would prefer, next Thursday will give you that opportunity.

Mr. Mike Moreton (Head of Secondary)

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