It has been an excellent start to the year and a great first week. Obviously with the return of existing students and the orientation of new students, Monday was more about information sharing and ensuring the foundations are in place. Teachers passes students the timetables and communication books etc with some guidance on some changes to subject classroom locations. It was great to see how the day went and to see so many happy faces in school.

We held our first Secondary assembly this week where we were able to introduce new teachers to the school and also reminding us all of the core values that underpin our learning journey here in Taylor’s International School Puchong. Last year students were involved in setting up student agreements that identify expected behaviour for students around the school and in class. These are now visible in classrooms and were also discussed with students at the assembly.

On Thursday this week it was great to see so many new secondary parents and to introduce you to the Secondary Leadership Team. This year we have increased our methods of communicating to parents and the use of Engage has expanded to include student timetables and assessments. We will be aiming to organise the PTC’s using Engage this year and you will also find more assessment information visible on a half termly basis. Please check your Engage account regularly as although many dates have been added to the school calendar for parent information sessions, reminders will be sent out using the Engage email system.

Next week we will be sharing more information with you soon based on school academic performance. The IGCSE results for last years Year 11 will be available and we will be sharing some of this data with you as part of our policy for information sharing.

Finally, please note that we looking strongly at students following the school policies and guidelines for school uniform, use of English throughout the school and the use of mobile phones. If you want your child to have access to a mobile phone after school for logistic purposes, please ensure we have written permission from you as mobile phones seen through the day will be confiscated.

As this is our fourth year we are moving from being identified as a new school to becoming a emerging school with many systems in place, there are still many more processes to setup, however I am looking forward to this year as so much more potential will be achieved and extended throughout the school and I am sure we will see many more great things achieved by our students at TIS Puchong.

Mr. Mike Moreton (Head of Secondary)
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