On my learning walk last week it was so encouraging to see the learning focused discussions and experiences within the classrooms. In every class visited I saw student focused learning and learning by discovery, critical learning methods to embed learning elements. It is always great to see the practical aspects of learning, especially in Science and Science experiments, I joined in with a Year 10 science group this week who had great fun discovering what reactions occur between an acid and other elements.

With only a few weeks left in this term there is also a focus on assessments and ensuring learners are clear about targets and steps towards reaching their targets. With the slight additions made to the end of term reports you will also find some year groups having a strong focus on learners sharing their targets with parents as part of the learning journey for this coming academic year.

As part of our commitment to increase the effective communication between the school and home, the Secondary school continually reviews their communication systems and elements including academic reports and this year we are adding some comments to each end of term report. Each Year group will either have student comments, tutor comments of subject teachers comments. By the end of the year you will have all of these to make the better picture of the learning environment. Each term there may be a slightly different focus for the comments, e.g., for Year 7 its a ‘pastoral’ focus this term as learners settle into the Secondary school environment so tutor comments will be visible, for Year 9 it’s a ‘reflective learner’ focus so student comments are visible, additionally when Year 9 choose their options at the end of term 2 it will be important that they have had subject teachers comments to help that process, so their report that term will include subject teachers comments etc.

Finally a reminder to all parents to log into the Parent Engage Portal to book the PTC appointments. All the booking times are completed through the portal this year so please make appointments using this method as 24hrs before the PTC the booking system will be closed for teachers to prepare accordingly. Also note that there is an option for parents to add a comment at the same time as the appointment if there is something specific you wish to discuss with the subject teachers. I look forward to seeing you there.

Mr. Mike Moreton (Head of Secondary)
Email Contact : moreton.michaeldavid@pc.tis.edu.my