The vibrant heartbeat of learning has been beating healthily this week with all areas of the Secondary school moving swiftly on its journey through term 2. Year 11 are now into the May examinations and with full attendance and a clear attitude to achieve we are confident in how they are approaching these language examinations. The Bahasa Malaysia reading exam was Wednesday and the writing examination is next Wednesday 15th May, so far we have a confident cohort and we are hoping for a 100% pass rate.

Year 9 have started looking more deeply into IGCSE choices and there was an additional assembly for them on Friday where more information about the coming process was passed onto them. This term is always a busy one for Year 9 learners and their parents as making decisions on IGCSEs can be stressful, however we are confident that greater clarity will be visible as we go through this process over the next few weeks.

As part of preparing information to help Year 9 with this process, Year 9 learners will be participating in CAT 4 tests early next week and the data will be collated and shared with parents to help support the option choices during the next few weeks.

As part of forward planning, we held an assembly for the whole school where we announced the plans for Eco Week which will take place week beginning Monday 27th May where the Secondary school will become open for all parents. Many exciting events are planned for that week and any parents wishing to visit the school can book a slot for a tour by contacting the Secondary office.

A few Secondary learners participated in the Novel Knockout Competition for 19 Malaysian schools and we came 4th in the competition. A great achievement and we look forward to building on this for next year.

Finally I would like to welcome our new History teacher, Gladwin Naranjan Singh who has already hit the ground running with some Year 10 History coursework.

Mr. Mike Moreton (Head of Secondary)
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