It has been an excellent start to the term and the foundation for the next half term has been well laid. New learners have settled in well, another set of IGCSE results have proven that our learners in Year 11 have excellent potential and that the preparation for moving on to the next step of their journey has been supported well. The Performing Arts and Sports department are extending their opportunities for participation and involvement and the teaching and learning has been exciting to see as new challenges are delivered to learners as they have advanced through the school levels.

A highlight this week was our Chinese New Year celebration on Wednesday. It was organised by the Mandarin Team, supported by a strong learner network participating in many roles. It was a great successful celebration and another opportunity to see the growing talent of many of our learners within the context of performing for a celebration. Well done to all the arranging committee and for those who took part.

Our current Year 11 have been going through language mocks for Bahasa Malay and Mandarin and although we are extremely pleased with how well these have gone, I would like to remind parents and learners about the importance for preparing for the mock examinations. There are many reason why mock examinations are practiced within the school environment, and all these reasons are relevant whether that’s helping learners to practice the process or helping the teacher to confirm areas of support for learners. Another reason which parents need to be aware of is that many colleges and universities use the results from the mock examinations as a guide for entry for diploma or A levels courses. In some cases colleges will be looking to offer scholarships based on the mock results, then these obviously will need to be  as good as they can be. The majority of subjects will have finished coverage of the syllabus by the mock examinations in July this year, although some subjects which are heavily content based may have one or two elements to cover by that time. Please ask your child to prepare for the mock examinations seriously with planned revision times particularly during term 2. Please check with your class teachers for support in this if needed.

Finally a reminder for all parents in Secondary to login into the Engage portal regularly. At the end of the first week back after the break, you will find the have termly progress report available to download from the portal which will show the baseline data for this year. This will help with looking for progress and academic development when considering short and long term attainment targets.
Mr. Mike Moreton (Head of Secondary)

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