It has been an exciting Eco Week for all learners at TIS Puchong this week with many activities and events that have seen learners think carefully on their impact on the environment and what other countries around the world are also doing in relation to this topic.

On Monday Year 7 transitioned themselves into the year 2093 and considered how pollution has made so much damage to the planet that they were challenged to come up with ideas helped to “Save Humanity” from further harm from the damage that pollution and toxic waste had on the planet. Year 9 were given the challenge to design “Wind Powered Vehicles” based on the issue that natural resources are being depleted.

On Tuesday, Year 8 were tasked with creating “Solar Ovens”, a great initiative and interesting on recognising the climate has an impact on the efficiency of these ideas.

In each case learners were supervised in small groups and it was great to see visiting parents joining the groups in helping complete the projects.

Some of the other initiatives included a “No Printing Day”, where all the school photocopiers and printers were turned off for the day and the resources required for the activities needed to consider a different source which saved on paper recycling and electricity. We also had “Earth Hour” on Wednesday morning from 8:00 am to 9:00 am where the school switched off lights and air conditioners, electric powered tools and equipment across the whole school, again conserving energy and saving electricity. The impact for the school would have been minimal, however as many schools across the world also participated in the same initiative then the impact would have been very significant.

The week ended with a “Diverse Planet Day” where all classes were allocated a country and the learner led project enabled learners from all classes to work together to present initiatives that they researched about their allocated country on how they could impact their environment in positive ways.

The week was a great success and enjoyed by all participants, a great thank you to all staff, parents and learners for making the week a great learning experience for all involved.

Mr. Mike Moreton (Head of Secondary)

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