During the most hectic week in our history, we have seen our Basketball, Benchball, Football, Netball and Swimming teams take part in their KLSL and KLISS tournaments as well as hosting our first ever separate Sports Awards ceremonies.

Where do I begin! First up is our Basketball under 11 boys B team who fought for the Bowl trophy at HELP International School. They played excellently and achieved first place! A great achievement from our B team who have worked so hard for this during their trainings. Our A team competed for the cup, performing slightly below par and finishing in 4th place. It is still a massive achievement to finish in the cup finals and we are very proud of them for this. Our girls travelled to IGB International School for their plate competition and finished in a respectable 3rd place.

On Tuesday our Netball under 13’s travelled to TIS Kuala Lumpur for their KL Sports League tournament. They have progressed extremely well and got to the final against TIS Kuala Lumpur, losing out narrowly 6-3. This team have been a revelation this year and we expect big things from them going into next year’s tournaments. Some of these students have even been chosen to respresent the school in next years South East Asia Singapore Netball tournament in March. There will be more information about this in next weeks newsletter.

Next up was our Benchball under 9 boys and girls. We hosted the girls tournament which was a fantastic event. Our girls beat British International School and TIS Kuala Lumpur by a large margin, meaning they had to beat Tenby International School in the final game to be crowned champions. They did it! And very convincingly, winning 21-5! An excellent result for our girls meaning we have won both the Benchball girls under 9 KLISS Cup and bowl. Our first ever double. Our boys finished 4th place, which saw plenty of tears, even from our own Mr Zul!

We also had plenty of Football tournaments this week. Our boys under 13 team travelled to Nexus International School for their cup finals and played well beating both Nexus and British International School but lost convincingly to HELP International School. This team will be going to the Phuket 7’s tournament in November, so there still plenty of work left to do but it is a challenge both myself and the team are excited about. The girls finished their tournament at British International School with two wins but finished 3rd overall. Our under 16 girls went to St Joseph’s international School and played very well, finishing unbeaten with 3 draws and a Denisha screamer from a free kick, but finished 3rd place overall.

And finally, on Thursday our swimmers went to IGB International School to participate in their annual KLISS primary swimming tournament. It was a fantastic event which saw over 20 of our students swimming for the school, achieving numerous gold, silver and bronze medals and fighting as a team during the relays at the end. It was a pleasure to be involved and we look forward to training hard for next terms KL Sports League tournament.

As well as all these crazy fixtures, we also had a small matter of our Sports Awards for Primary! This happened on Thursday and it was a fantastic event. The students absolutely loved it and enjoyed all the awards that were given out. It was excellently organised by my department and all the food was so tasty! The secondary Sports Awards are happening a few hours from when I’m writing this and it is sure to be a memorable and fantastic spectacle. We are all extremely excited.

Mark Kelly (Director of Sport)

Email Contact: mark.kelly@pc.tis.edu.my