Our teams are now in training, preparing for their last tournament of the term which will take place in two weeks against Tenby International School called ‘The Annual”.

We have our teams prepared and ready to go for The Annual on Wednesday 24th July. It will be a competitive day and will be similar to last year’s events but with more sports involved. Last year we took over 60 students, while this year it may be double that amount. It will be a fantastic event, just as it was last year, and we hope for many more victories this time around. The events that will take place are Football, Basketball Volleyball and Tee-ball.

This week we have also been recruiting for our new batch of Duke of Edinburgh students from Year 9. There is an opportunity for 25 of our Year 9’s to take part in the bronze award beginning at the end of this month. The application packs were given out to any interested students who showed this week, with the first 25 students who bring back the packs completed and with the 800rm sign up funds guaranteed a place.
Mark Kelly (Director of Sport)

Email Contact: mark.kelly@pc.tis.edu.my