17 May 2019, TISPC In Touch
Message from The Principal
17 May - Message From The Principal

Dear parents,
Let me start this with a reminder. The week after next is our Eco Week where we, schoolwide will be doing a variety of events and activities based on the environment. On the Friday 31st May, we have combined it with Diversity and I know that classes are busy preparing for that as well.  I have already spoken to you in this forum about encouraging your children to bring in their own eating utensils during Eco Week as we are trying to avoid plastic use of utensils during this time. As you know the issue of plastic is worldwide and there is a huge concern about its effect on wildlife and on the food chain. I have spoken to the cafeteria manager and he will do what he can to provide metal utensils, but if for that week your sons and daughters could bring their own utensils, that would be great. We are doing this with the aim of building awareness in our students from an early age for it is these young minds today that will find solutions, tomorrow. On that note, I have had quite a few discussions with parents and their desire for the school to become ‘greener’. It is also my wish and this is definitely one of my long-term aims. I do welcome any of you with suggestions and or just to express your own thoughts on this matter. In fact, last Saturday twenty-two members of the staff went to an all-day Eco workshop at Nexus International School.
This week at school has been business as usual. IGCSE exams are in full flow in Secondary and of course we had Teacher Appreciation Day on Wednesday and Thursday. I myself was the recipient of a flower or two and I thought how sweet and lovely the children are at TIS Puchong, very genuine young people. In Primary I know that our young learners had an exciting trip to Einstein’s workshop. I’m sure Mr. Marco will enlighten us more about this in the Primary section of the newsletter. 
We have a few days break coming up which is a chance for all of us to recharge our batteries.  I wish a safe and restorative few days for the school community.
Kind regards

Stefano Piumatti
Principal of Taylor’s International School Puchong