17 May 2019, TISPC In Touch
17 May - Message From The Head Of Primary
During this Friday’s Primary assembly, we shared examples of great learning in classes that children were proud to share. We focused on Integrity and started to link this to doing the right thing for the planet on a global scale. We watched a video on the effect of plastic on our planet. We will further explore this theme during our eco week.
This week’s Year Two trip is one of the many examples in which we have made our school outings more meaningful as it was connected to the learning at hand. As part of their unit ‘It’s Shocking’, for their Exit-Point, they visited “Little Einstein”. It is a workshop in which they make electric circuits and find out how insulators and conductors in a fun way. They produced a greeting card with LED lights.
We now have an extended weekend and expect to see the children back in school almost a week from now, on Thursday the 23rd of May.

I hope you will enjoy your time with your family. 
Mr. Marco Damhuis (Head of Primary) 
Email Contact : marco.damhuis@pc.tis.edu.my