17 May 2019, TISPC In Touch
17 May - Message From The Head Of Secondary
One of the highlights for this week was the Teacher’s Day assembly that was presented on the Wednesday. All of the Secondary school learners were gathered in the MPH as each teacher filed in and were cheered on by the learners. They were presented with flowers and a cake and the assembly was devoted to give thanks for the efforts that the teachers make in supporting learners here at TIS Puchong. There were performances and teachers competitions that made the event a great success and teachers were feeling valued and respected. I must thank Ms Ruby, Ms Jess and Ms Roshini for guiding and supporting the learners who organised the assembly and for all the performers who took part, brilliant.

The assembly was a nice temporary distraction for some Year 11 learners who are still preparing and undergoing some IGCSEs. The BM examinations have finished and gone very well. There are more examinations for Mandarin over the coming weeks, with the last examination happening on Monday 27th May. I need to remind those learners taking Mandarin 2nd language on Tuesday 21st May next week, that the school is closed but the examination is still taking place. The dates are set by Cambridge and we have no control over these. For parents helping with logistics with a son/daughter that is attending that examination, please note that you are allowed to park outside the front of the school that day. Please ensure that you are prompt and arrive in school no later than 30 mins before the examination.

The Year 9 Cat tests have now been completed and have gone well. Once the data has been collated this will be shared with Year 9 parents to help support and prepare for the upcoming IGCSE choices to make later in the term.

Please note that a letter has been sent to all parents about the change to the PTC for Term 2. This terms event will be a slightly different format and the P&LTC (Parent and Learner Teacher Conference) event will take place on Friday 19th July and will be a whole day event. Appointments can be made from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm that day and teachers will be based in the classrooms. This event is for all parents for all age groups and no lessons will be taking place that day due to this event, but it is designed for you as parents to meet with the subject teachers with your child, therefore focussing on a joint approach, between home, school and the learner to develop progress on learning. We believe this will be extremely valuable and look forward to a promising positive review following this event.
Mr. Mike Moreton (Head of Secondary)

Email Contact : moreton.michaeldavid@pc.tis.edu.my