20 November 2017, TISPC In Touch
Message from The Principal
20 November - Message From The Principal

I am pleased to be writing in this, our penultimate newsletter of the term and the academic year.  A year of challenge, change and success for our students and for our school. 

The IGCSE examinations are now over and I had the great pleasure this morning to attend the graduation ceremony for Year 11 as they prepare for their next life chapter. Thanks to Mr. Mike, Ms. Emily and the secondary team, the event was outstanding and allowed the students to show themselves as the wonderful individuals they are.  An excellent ballet performance was held by Anna Kong with speeches that were both passionate and heartfelt from Momoka Kirihata, Avinash Austin, Sachin Dev and Divya.  Our guest of honour, Mr. BK Gan, President of Taylor’s Schools, delivered a personal and insightful speech to our students before we all applauded as they graduated.  A most enjoyable and poignant end to the week and (almost) to the term. 

We now have one week left before the end of year holiday and, whilst they are still smiling, the children are looking a little tired after a term of learning and stimulation. However lessons continue and and end of term celebratory atmosphere is developing with classes completing curriculum work and participating in more group and outdoor tasks including field trips and display events.

Wishing you a positive week ahead.
Kind regards
David Flint 斐迪偉
Principal of Taylor’s International School Puchong