08 March 2019, TISPC In Touch
Message from The Principal
08 March - Message From The Principal

The theme of reading and books has been central this week. We had an author come to visit the school, Mr Boey, and I know the children thoroughly enjoyed his reading and asking him questions about all sorts of things. I had the good fortune of meeting Mr Boey who is a delightful and charming man. A lot of work has gone into making Book Week special and classes have been at work decorating their classroom doors with a book theme.  The whole of the Primary section is a delight to walk around.  On Tuesday when I went into the Year 1 Section, I particularly enjoyed seeing both parents and children working together on said doors, which I thought was a lovely touch and proof of how a school community can come together.
The Year 9 parent meeting yesterday was enjoyable. A number of issues were discussed, often the same concerns which have been raised at other meetings and it is good to be aware of these. I was also very appreciative of the many positives that were voiced and the fact that teachers were also praised as I am conscious of the fact that we need to keep a balanced view. Straight after I met the fourth batch of Year 11s, a lovely group of students. 
Another highlight of the week was when I was invited to give a special guest lecture to Year 4 in the auditorium on earthquakes and volcanoes. The Year 4s were bright and bushy tailed and asked many bright and pertinent questions and were actively taking notes and very interested in my talk and my photos and videos. For those who do not know, my background is in the environment and geography, something which I have been teaching for over 30 years.
A busy week as usual – there is so much that happens around the school. Just a reminder that my door is open if people want to see me and another reminder that we must follow procedures and make sure that we all wear identification tags and not double park and leave the car downstairs as I have had a few complaints from parents about this.
A reminder to parents. You might have seen the email inviting you to attend on the 12th a session on Quantum Learning. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about this program which all our teachers are doing by one the architects of this Mr. Mark Reardon.
Thank you.

Kind regards
Stefano Piumatti
Principal of Taylor’s International School Puchong