15 March 2019, TISPC In Touch
Message from The Principal
15 March - Message From The Principal

The focus this week has been on Quantum Learning. Yesterday afternoon Mr. Mark Reardon, one of the lead facilitators of Quantum Learning USA, addressed the whole staff at Puchong and throughout the week there have been numerous sessions for various members of staff. I myself and the senior leaders went to a whole day training last Friday and on Tuesday morning a session was held for parents.  A number in excess of 100 turned up to hear Mark talk. A big thank you to the parents who attended. The feedback has been very positive that it was very interesting and certainly worthwhile. This is part of the robust training that all our teachers are undergoing in order to continually develop them and enhance their teaching skills. We are committed to continuing on this journey. 
Elsewhere students have been hard at work. The Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia department in Secondary are preparing for exams around the corner and time and time again I am confronted with happy learners in classes enjoying their work. On Thursday morning I had the pleasure of meeting the Early Years and Year 1 parents. There were a lot of positives and we discussed a number of issues.
Again, I ask your help in parking appropriately downstairs. I know that pick up is a huge issue, this was brought up yesterday, and because of it we have to have certain rules and regulations. When people break these, it causes problems. My guards are doing their best to ensure that your sons and daughters are safe. Please treat them with the respect that they deserve. They have been very clearly told that they must never been rude to you and if they are I would like to know. However, the same applies in reverse – please remember that if something happens and you are not happy, come and see me as they are merely following my instructions. 
Thank you.

Kind regards
Stefano Piumatti
Principal of Taylor’s International School Puchong