13 May 2019, TISPC In Touch
Message from The Principal
13 May - Message From The Principal

Dear parents an early reminder that at the end of this month we have Eco Week. We are aiming to reduce our plastic consumption and I have asked the cafeteria to use less plastic. If possible, it might be a good thing to encourage your son and daughter to bring to school their own spoon and fork to eat their breakfast and lunch. I am hoping that slowly, but surely, more awareness is built into the school policy and all its community regarding the three R’s e-use, recycle and reduce.
We are into our second week of IGCSE exams and thus far they have been going smoothly, equally are the auditions for the Voice of Taylors show later next month. I know that both Primary and Secondary but not Year 11 are auditioning for this in separate schedules and there is an eagerness and anticipation already building up amongst the student body.
I would also like to mention here about last Friday's girls Volleyball Under 16. We came first and it is the first time that we won this elite trophy amongst the elite team of the KLISS competition.  The sporting section will be able to give you more information. As you read this know that a determined and well-designed program that has been put in by Mark and his team is now starting to pay dividends.
Our Interact team is also well on its way meeting, discussing and practicing for the coming events. Just a few examples of the life of a school. So much happens. Have a good week and speak to you soon.
Thank you
Kind regards

Stefano Piumatti
Principal of Taylor’s International School Puchong