“You’ve Gotta Believe”… Students performing one of the musical’s famous number with the accompaniment of the orchestra team.
“I am Peter Pan!” ….... A scene of Peter Pan with the Lost Boys during the musical
“You shall walk the plank!”…..Captain Hook giving his speech just before the climactic fight scene.
Puchong, Friday, 29th March 2019 - Peter Pan the musical version by Piers Chater Robinson was for the very first time presented in Malaysia by the students of Taylor’s International School Puchong. Performed by a cast of 122 students in front of a crowd of 1,375 over four shows, the musical had a total of 25 songs that had the audiences clapping and singing along to. The musical was held from 28th March to the 30th of March 2019 at the auditorium of the school.

In order to transport the audience into the fantasy world of Peter Pan, sets were built to portray realistic scenes such as the pirate’s ship as well as the Lost Boys’ Home.“From the moment we step into the theatre right through to the end we had an unforgettable experience that was absolutely sensational,” says Mr Stefano Piumatti, Principal of TIS Puchong. Audiences were entertained by the various performances of the students such as choreographed fight scenes, wire action stunt and hilarious antics of different characters throughout the entire performance. There was even a part where Peter Pan was interacting with the audiences to get them to be a part of the show.
According to Mr Ian Schoeman, Head of Performing Arts, Peter Pan was chosen as this year’s performance as it presented different challenges for both the production staff and students. “Trying a musical written by an English playwright instead of an American team is a good learning experience, as these are very different. Having students 'fly' was a big highlight and Peter Pan is the quintessential 'flying' musical,” he continued. 
Following one of Taylor’s International School Puchong’s core values of creating an enjoyable environment, this musical gave our students a chance to learn not only to act but also to sing and dance on stage, to problem solve and work closely as a team. Rehearsal which began in January saw students attempting a different kind of challenge as this year’s musical was more action heavy. For this year’s musical, the main characters were double-casted to give more students the opportunity to be involved.

This year’s musical was also supported by a live orchestra which consisted of our very own students. Led by Ms Rebecca Yap who is also the Head of Music for Taylor’s International School Puchong, this year saw the music leaning more towards brass and wind instruments. It truly was amazing to see the orchestra perform during the four shows as they accentuated the emotions and mood of the musical considerably.
The performance was truly wonderful and this key date in the annual diary will continue for many years to come.

Sin Chew - 4th April 2019