Facilitate learning... Effective delivery of lessons maximises students’ participation, comprehension and competency in learning.
Taylor’s International School (TIS) in its endeavour towards building a culture of excellence in teaching and learning has embarked on a journey in empowering its teachers with the Quantum Learning System. Developed in the United States, Quantum Learning is a research-based educational methodology that matches the way teachers teach to the way students learn. 

Quantum Learning is a system that orchestrates effective learning as it focuses on what the teachers do to optimise the learning for each student. The transition into Quantum Learning has changed how learning takes place in each TIS classroom and for each TIS student.

Students are engaged and supported using various teaching methods to tap into their preferred learning styles that greatly expand their ability to learn. This means that no matter the type of learner: visual, auditory or kinaesthetic, each individual student will be able to actively learn from lessons conducted using the Quantum Learning method. The learning process is dynamic with teachers preparing students by stimulating their interest and desire to learn. They facilitate lessons by orchestrating interactions that develop knowledge and skills, and strengthen students’ understanding through reflection and application. 

Teachers have cited peer-observed refinements in teaching competency, more confidence as an educator, and a significant increase in their intentionality in lesson preparation. As Quantum Learning is a student-centred learning method, TIS classrooms are experiencing positive developments with an increase in participation, stronger mental engagement during lessons and an improvement in language competency. Application of Quantum Learning teaching methods have also made learning more engaging and meaningful to students.

To give its teachers greater exposure, TIS sent two representative teachers, Ms. Emily Tan from TIS Kuala Lumpur and Ms. Valerie Tan from TIS Puchong to the Quantum Learning Conference 2019 in the United States. As part of the Quantum Learning training, they have the opportunity to visit different schools and observe how other Quantum Learning teachers conduct lessons, as well as received valuable inputs from key speakers during the conference. Both teachers shared their excitement towards their professional growth, and they look forward to contributing what they have learnt from the training to the implementation of Quantum Learning in TIS.

In a final note on expectations and growth, Consultant and Chief Trainer for Quantum Learning, Mr. Mark Reardon shared that “teachers will have more joy in teaching because they can see students having fun with their learning and thinking at a higher level during their learning”, hinting at the bright future that Quantum Learning is ushering in at TIS. With the Stage 1 Quantum Learning Distinguished School Award under its belt, TIS excitingly primes itself for Stage 2 and Stage 3 in a steady advance towards its goal of becoming the first International Quantum Learning Distinguished School in the world.
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The Star, Education Guide - 16th May 2019