Congratulations!... (From the left) Mr. BK Gan, President of Taylor’s Schools with Mr. Stefano Piumatti, Principal of Taylor’s International School Puchong and Mr. Peter Wells, Principal of Taylor’s International School Kuala Lumpur upon receiving the award from Mr. Mark Reardon, Consultant and Chief Trainer of Quantum Learning.
Puchong, 11th March 2019 -Taylor’s International School (TIS) celebrates a momentous milestone as they receive the Stage 1 Quantum Learning Distinguished School Award in their endeavors towards building a culture of excellence in teaching and learning. 

Developed in the United States of America, Quantum Learning (QL) is a research-based education methodology that is revolutionizing the way teachers teach and the means in which students learn. This transformation of teaching methodologies is possible because of QL’s emphasis on teacher effectiveness and the facilitation of lifelong learning proficiency in students. The President of Taylor’s Schools Mr. BK Gan has praised the QL system in its ability to make learning more effective to today’s generation of children. 

Mr Mark Reardon, Consultant and Chief Trainer of Quantum Learning from the United States of America, emphasized how the past year culminating to the Stage 1 award has been a journey to birth a culture of “How can my students have a better learning experience today than yesterday” in TIS.  Achieving the Stage 1 award is merely a stepping stone for TIS as the school excitingly primes itself for Stage 2 and Stage 3 in a steady advance towards their goal of becoming the first International Quantum Learning Distinguished School outside of the United States of America.

At the award ceremony, Mr. Peter Wells, Principal of TIS Kuala Lumpur gave insight to the impact that QL has on what goes on in the classroom, saying: “Quantum Learning has allowed the teachers to shift from a traditional method of teaching to a more thought through way, which in turn created a bigger impact in the classroom.” “Quantum Learning is about making learning fun, and if learning is fun, teaching is fun,” echoed Mr. Stefano Piumatti, the Principal of TIS Puchong.