Puchong, Tuesday, 25th July 2017- Taylor’s International School Puchong held its first ever musical entitled Footloose from the 19th to the 21st of July 2017. Performed by a cast of 64 secondary students with the support of 34 students from the backstage, the musical was held at the Auditorium of Taylor’s International School Puchong. The musical had students performing a total of 17 songs in front of a crowd of 700 over the three nights. 

Footloose tells of the journey of Ren McCormak as he tries to change the law of the town Bomont, where dancing is banned. He does this with the help of his new friends Willard and Ariel.  According to Mr Ian Schoeman, Head of Performing Arts for Taylor’s International School Puchong, Footloose was chosen to be this year’s production as it is a ‘student’ focused show. “Featuring youth who fight for the right to be able to dance and enjoy themselves, while they battle other challenges. This resonates with the youth of the 21st century,” said Mr Schoeman. The students each brought to life the different characters in the high energetic performance that was filled with teen angst, redemption, journey to self-discovery and not forgetting witty humour.

Following one of Taylor’s International School Puchong’s core value of creating an enjoyable environment, this musical gave our students a chance to learn not only to act but also to sing and dance on stage. Mr Schoeman highlighted that “the musical and arts in general gives the students the opportunity to flex their creative muscle as well as develops their confidence. This will make them more independent thus helping them to become a resilient individual.” For many of the students who started their practice in mid-May, this was their first time performing in front of a live audience.

Taylor’s International School Puchong also had the privilege of having a live band (led by Music Director, Ms Rebecca Yap who is also the Head of Music for Taylor’s International School Puchong) supporting the musical throughout its run. The band not only had the usual musical instruments but also percussion and wind instruments comprising both students and teachers.  With the live band, the audiences were able to feel that they are part of Ren’s journey. It truly was amazing to see the band performed during the three nights as they accentuate the emotions and mood of the musical for all three nights.

The performance was truly wonderful and Taylor’s International School Puchong hopes to make it an annual affair that will continue for many years to come. 

About Taylor’s International School Puchong

Taylor’s International School Puchong is the second Taylor’s International School campus, with the first campus located in Kuala Lumpur.  Wholly owned by the Taylor’s Education Group, the Puchong campus commenced operations in 2015 and currently has a student enrolment of over 1000 students. 

Taylor’s International Schools follow an International Curriculum based on the highly valued National Curriculum of England that culminates in IGCSE examinations and qualifications. Although emphasis is given to global perspectives, the International Curriculum embraces Asian values and literacy in Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin. The programme offers four key stages of learning, from Early Years, Primary to Secondary.

The Puchong campus is built on 7.88 acres, with the exterior design of the school created to be environmentally sustainable, reflecting the school’s guiding values of respect and care for the environment.

Future expansion plans will see Taylor’s International School campuses emerging in major cities within Malaysia. These schools aim to be exceptional neighborhood international curriculum schools and continue Taylor’s fine tradition of developing the nation’s youth into well-rounded, purposeful leaders, ready to contribute and take their productive place in the global community.
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