“BE CONSISTENT in working for your exams! For the Year 11, start researching and planning for your higher education even before your exams as the actual window period for that is very short,” advised Arvind Asokan.
TayIor’s International School Puchong’s 2017 scholarship recipient, Arvind Asokan, graduated in 2018 with an excellent 10 A*/A IGCSE results. His impressive straight A’s results has earned him a scholarship to Harrow School. Harrow is one of the oldest independent boys boarding school in United Kingdom. It’s alumni includes  former  British prime minister Winston Churchill,  King Hussein of Jordan and actor Benedict Cumberbatch. We recently sat down with Arvind to find out more about his plans for the future.

Q1:    Why did you choose Harrow School?
A:   One of the reasons I choose to apply to Harrow is because it has a consistent success rate in sending
          students to Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge Universities). For instance, they have about 20 Oxbridge
          entries per year and Cambridge is one of my aim to get into for my degree course later. 

Q2: What programme are you pursuing in Harrow School?
A: I plan to pursue my A-Levels in Harrow. I will be taking Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics,
        Economics and History as my subjects.

Q3:  How has the scholarship in TIS Puchong helped you in your aim towards Harrow?
A: It gave me the confidence that I can do it. It encouraged me to be braver and to aim higher. The
        scholarship motivated me to work harder for other scholarships as I further my studies. 

Q4: How did you prepare yourself to succeed in IGCSE?
A: I mainly listened to what the teachers were teaching. I was attentive in class and took a lot of notes.
        Closer towards the exams, I practiced past year papers which I found really helpful as answering
       technique plays an important role. My family has also been very crucial to my success, being supportive
       of all my endeavours. 

Q5: What makes the learning experience in TIS Puchong unique and exciting?
A: The passion of the teachers in how they approach the subjects. The facilities here are really good as
        they are designed to facilitate learning. The school also offers many CCAs  where I can explore my
        other interest. I was actively involved in the Model United Nation, Debate Club and I also participated in
        a number of Maths Olympiad.

Q6: What would be your career aspiration?
A: I intend to pursue Economics in university and be an Economist.