TIS strives to provide a holistic learning experience that covers six key areas of development called the Six Dimensions of Learning.
We believe these areas of focus will better nurture lifelong learners and equip them with the essential skills to be competitive in the global stage.

learning Dimension

Builds academic excellence and passion for learning

Encourages sharing and discussion of ideas and applying knowledge outside of class.

Social Dimension

Cultivates a caring spirit

Encourages an appreciation for community and to contribute positively to society.

cultural Dimension

Cultivates respect and appreciation for diverse cultures

Promotes understanding, integration and tolerance in a multi-cultural society.

economic Dimension

Enhances business acumen and entrepreneurial skills

Teaches first responsibility and resource management through active participation in various activities beyond the classroom.

political Dimension

Promotes a global outlook and interest in world affairs

Builds confidence in voicing opinions and hones leadership abilities.

Technology Dimension

Develop ICT and technical skills

Encourages creativity and objective thinking in using the right technology to solve problems.