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Care:Mvmt (Care Movement)
Care:Mvmt is a clarion call for care, concern, empathy and action.

We recognise that we play a vital role in shaping our learners to become the catalysts of change that the world needs today. As a center of knowledge, practice, and skill, we want to instill in our learners a deep sense of care for their overall well-being, their community, and the world. We have the opportunity to make a powerful impact in a variety of settings — in the classroom, through co-curricular activities, collaborations, and even in their daily interactions with friends.

We believe that each and every one of our learners can make a difference, no matter how small, in their own unique way.

Together, we can make a difference.

It’s not what we claim that counts,
it’s what they say that matters.

At Taylor's Schools, our diversity and sharing of expertise have created an outstanding team of educators. Our teachers continuously improve their skills through our Professional Development Programme.

Together with their expertise and each school's unique approach to learning, the outcome has been exceptional. Our students have excelled in many ways, testifying to our commitment and quality. Still, it's not what we claim but what the experts say that really matters.

All Taylor's Schools have been accredited and awarded for excellence in their own outstanding ways.
Care Self
Learners who take responsibility of their own learning, emotions, body, and actions.
Care Other
To instill in young people the importance of concern for their family members, friends and their communities.
Care World
For a generation of eco-warriors that care and take action, no matter how small in preserving their home— Planet Earth.
How We Care

TISPC's Go Yellow Day 2024
On the last day of Term 1, TISPC saw many of their students and staff in yellow during the "Go Yellow" non-uniform day. The purpose of this non-uniform day was to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Association of Malaysia (CCAM), an organization that provides financial support to children and their families fighting cancer. We are happy to announce that through this event, together with the sales of tickets for Aladdin the Junior Musical, our community managed to raise RM 34,751. As a community, we pride ourselves in instilling values of empathy, compassion and generosity in our learners.
TISPC's Well-being Campaign 2024
The Puchong campus hosted a Well-being Campaign from March 18th to 22nd, 2024. Led by the Counseling Team, the week-long exhibition aimed to promote self-understanding and mental well-being through various activities, encouraging students to explore their inner selves and relationships. This initiative serves as a catalyst for raising awareness of mental health within the school community.
TISKL's Foodbank Collection
Year 3 students coordinated a food bank collection in alignment with the sustainable goal of ‘zero hunger’. By participating in this collection, they are addressing food insecurity and advocating for access to nutritious food for all. This initiative not only offers immediate assistance to those facing hunger but also fosters community engagement in seeking sustainable solutions.
TISPC-TU ECHO Partnership Program
The Humanities Department of TISPC and AIESEC (Activating Youth Leadership) from TU collaborated to introduce a partnership program with Year 10 GP students. This initiative centers on tackling the urgent matter of climate change in Malaysia, in line with the 13th Sustainable Development Goal: Climate Action. Its core objectives include fostering sustainable lifestyle changes, advocating for the upkeep of sustainable practices, and empowering youth to enact tangible climate action.
TISKL's Echo Day 2024
Primary School recently held its Eco Day, where all our students donned green to promote environmental awareness and demonstrate their commitment to caring for our world. Engaging in various activities, such as making pledges, they reaffirmed their responsibility and dedication to preserving our environment.
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