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Raise Them Ready

At Taylor’s International School, our student is at the centre of all that we are doing, and our approach is broad and balanced, to help raise them ready for the possibilities of the future. We are proud to share with you the TIS educational approach that is joyful, meaningful, and challenging, where students are nurtured to achieve more academically and socially.

Executive Principal of Taylor’s International School

At Taylor’s International School (TIS), we nurture bright young minds to become lifelong learners and purposeful leaders of tomorrow.

Our holistic education focuses on cultivating academic excellence, building good character, and developing essential skills—a transformative journey to ensure that our students emerge as well-rounded individuals, READY for opportunities and challenges of the future.


With a curiosity for learning

At TIS, we nurture young minds to see the world through their own unique lens. We make learning a fun and adventurous journey, encouraging their curiosity to foster a lifelong love for learning. Through this passion, our students remain engaged, motivated, and driven.

With innovative minds that see new possibilities

At TIS, we provide stimulating learning environments that spark creativity, cultivating innovative mindsets. Our students are nurtured to become independent, confident, and analytical learners, able to embrace change in the ever-evolving world of today.

With aspirations for change

At TIS, our students are not just exemplary; they’re visionary leaders. We educate them to become well-rounded individuals, empowered not only by academic excellence, but with a sense of purpose. Equipped with the essential skills and confidence that they need to succeed, our students are ready for all the possibilities of tomorrow.


The TIS educational approach encompasses a dynamic and balanced
framework with emphasis to academic excellence, essential skills, and character development.

We empower our teachers in delivering impactful lessons. We create excellent learning environments
that nurture growing minds and enhances our curriculum to the utmost quality for our
students—ensuring that great learning takes place.

Besides academic rigour, students are instilled with the best of Eastern and Western values, as well as a strong language foundation in English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Mandarin. As part of TIS school life, students are exposed to extra-curricular activities that involve sports, performing arts, and CSR activities. With such balanced learning experiences, students are raised ready for the ever-changing world.



  • 85% - 90% A*-C
  • 20 Top in the World Awards
  • 21 Top in Malaysia Awards
  • 6 High Achievement Awards
(since 2012)


  • Best teaching and learning with Quantum Learning
  • High-quality implementation of IEYC & IPC


  • Best of eastern and western values
  • Strong foundation in 3 languages
  • Holistic programme: Performing Arts, Sports, CCA/ECA, Care Movement (CSR)


  • State-of-art facilities
  • Sustainable school
  • Safe and positive environment


  • Respectful and caring individuals
  • Resilient individuals
  • Responsible leaders
  • Global citizens
  • Passionate learners
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