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2nd May 2019 - Message from the Sports Director
KLSL U15 Girls Basketball
The KLSL U15 Girls competition took place at TIS Puchong on Monday, 25th of March. There were 5 schools that took part; TISKL, TIS Puchong, HELP, APIS & BNIS. The first match saw us win the game with tight defense and good scoring to ensure a 20-0 win against HELP. From there, we were up against APIS. This time the girls played well with good offensive set plays and won 27-1. The BNIS team put the girls under pressure but this time they played quick passes and won the game 14-8. The final game pitted us against our sister school, TIS Puchong, the good old rival. It was really intense first half, tied at 4-4, but our girls seemed to lose track of their defensive duties and started to lose possessions in the second half and we lost 14-6. Overall, second place beating all teams except TIS Puchong and the old rival became the new Champs this year. Well done to all, hustle harder next season!

Line-ups : Cerelia, Chloe Goy, Chong Cheng, Eunice Yong-Tong, Leena Ahmed, Reishan,
Sarah Ann, Natalie Koh, Reshika, Jing Wen & Xin Jie.
Coach : Ms. Bella
KLSL U13 Girls Basketball
On the 27th March, the U13 Orange girls went for the U13 KLSL Cup Finals. This time the KLSL took place at the same venue as the U15 KLSL Cup Finals which is in TIS Puchong. A round-robin format was played for all the 5 participating schools; TISKL, TIS Puchong, UCSI, FISSJ & SJIIM. It was a close match against SJIIM. Very good defense from both teams but somehow Team Thunders girls' speed is faster and a few free throws went in put us in the lead 11-8 until the last beep. The second match for the girls was against FISSJ. It wasn’t the girls greatest game but solid defense playing the half-court defensive rule gave the girls a 15-6 victory. Next up saw the girls have a really tough match against UCSI. They seemed all worn out but still played their best with all their heart and the girls won 11-10 with help from the successful free throws. With only 5 minutes rest, our old good rival were waiting for us in the final match. TIS Puchong seemed so motivated to win the game and really hustled hard enough to make them in the lead at all times of the game. Our girls tried to penetrate the D, but their defense was much stronger, making their offence easier with quick passes, finished with layups. In the end, Puchong were triumphant 20-9. Second place for us, first place for them. Nonetheless, the girls fought till the end and they came away happy with smiling faces knowing they tried hard to be at this level. Some of them are still U11 so it should be better for them as they can still play for the next two seasons. Heads up for 2020!

Line-ups : Natalie Lai, Maria, Charmainne, Melisa Ho, San Yi, Priscilla Goh, Clarissa,
Fritzika, Gladys, Megan To, Merissa Ooi & Rachel Yap.
KLISS U9 Boys Football Bowl
This was the rearranged tournament, from a couple of weeks ago, where we only managed to play 5 minutes before it was postponed due to the weather.

Both teams were very evenly matched for the Thunder Reds first game. It was a game played mainly in the middle part of the pitch with very little action in the goal areas. Team Thunder had a couple of shots but none of them on target and this proved to be the difference between the two teams. BSKL only had one shot on target, which unfortunately went through our goalkeepers’ hands and with that they won the game.

In the second game the boys faced a very good, organised ISP team who took the lead within the first minute! ISP were two up a few minutes later. The heavens then opened and the game was stopped and all the teams moved down to the school to continue the tournament under cover. When the game resumed ISP managed to score another goal to win the game comfortably.

TISKL 0 - 1 Help
This game was very similar to the first game and once again there were very few chances for either side. Help had the better of the chances and managed to convert one of those to win the game.

Back row: Satcveen, Gabriel, Atreya, Xander
Front row: Justice, Sean, Maher, Darius
KLISS U13 Boys Basketball
The unstoppable Team Thunder completely dominated the scene in the U13 KLISS finals at Tenby with the hosts falling 21-8 to the TISKL boys in the first game.
Team Thunder played so well that they were looking literally unbeatable. In the next game against ISP, the boys created many turnovers and numerous steals which led the team to win 30-10. It was same story against Nexus in the semi final where the boys kept on scoring and the officials froze the score due to the mercy rule and boys had another victory 26-6.

The boys were up against HELP in the finals who put up a strong fight in the first half. However, in the second half, it was Elvis with some incredible plays scoring two three pointers on the trot and then Eldrick went on scoring layups on many occasions helping the team to clinch first place in the U13 KLISS finals and retain the trophy won in 2018 with a 23-11 victory, gaining some revenge as HELP had beaten the team in the KLSL Cup only the previous month.. Congratulations to all the team members.
KLSL O15 Boys Basketball
The O15 Boys had their last basketball competition of the season playing in the Thunderdome against 4 other KLSL schools; TISPC, BSI, HELP & SJIIM. With Mr.Prem at Tenby with the U13’s, Ms.Bella stepped up to take the team. It was a good start in the first game against SJIIM as the boys played a quick passing game and finished with perfect layups mostly by Jeff and Timothy. Isaac, Douglas and Leon were in charge of the rebounds making the opponents lose the possessions of the ball. The second game was a surprising 21 all draw with BSI who we don’t get to play very often as they have very few teams.

The team to beat where again our sister school, TISP. They played a very intense game and both teams played good defensively. The TISKL boys got a lot of chances in shooting the free-throw but sadly none of them went in keeping the opponents always in the lead. The last few seconds saw Puchong get a free-throw chance and unluckily for us, it went in to give them a 1 point win.

Down to the last game and fate was in the hands of Team Lightning. If then won their final game they would be Champions. However, if they lost, and having lost already to BSI and Team Thunder won, then they would be crowned Champions due to their better average over BSI. The final game vs HELP saw a lot of boys carrying knocks, but they still managed to play well having Jing Herng, Byron, Farhan and Chee Syuen in the offensive team. Henry and Jay Fong also stepped up in this game to make the opponents struggle. The new comer Zi Xuan also played a part and they showed a good teamwork within the team to win. Sadly, TISP also won meaning second place for TISKL. Well done to all the boys, a very competitive set of games!

Overall results :TISKL vs SJIIM 20-16
TISKL vs BNIS 21-21
TISKL vs TISPC 14-15
TISKL vs HELP 20-14

Line-ups : Isaac, Farhan, Byron, Jing Herng, Chee Syuen, Douglas, Leon,
Timothy, Jeff, Jay, Henry & Zi Xuan.
KLASS U9 Boys Football
This was the final competition for the boys this year and we had two teams competing - the "A" in the Cup and the "B" in the Development Trophy.

"A" Team
TISKL 0 - 2 KLASS Black
TISKL 1 - 3 Tenby

All the games that were played by the "A" Team were very close and competitive. Unfortunately, Team Thunder struggled to find the back of the net, some of it due to bad luck (hitting the post), very good goalkeeping by the opposition and also some wasted chances. At the other end, a lack of communication and being out of position by the defence allowed the other teams to profit.

"B" Team
TISKL 0 - 1 KLASS Green
TISKL 1 - 5 Cempaka

As with the "A" Team the "B" games were all close apart from the Chempaka game. A lot of the games were played in the midfield where there was a mass of bodies with both sides struggling to maintain possession and create clear chances.

Back row: Xander "B", Gabriel "A", Ethan Daniels "A", Isaac "A", Sean "A", Luke "B", Justice"B".
Front row: Terrence "A", Vedant "A", Edry "A", Rayyan "B", Mikael "A", Zhen Song "A",
Isaac Teo "B".

Missing from photograph: Deron "B", Raymond "B", Atreya "B", Maher "B".
KLASS U9 Girls Football
On Saturday 30th March, 12 girls of the U9 went to Alice Smith Secondary School for the Annual Primary Football Invitational Tournament. The girls first match started at 8.20am and that gave us some time for discussion and warm up. We had 7 matches to play on the day, meaning a lot of football and opportunities to hone their skills. The opponents were TISP, GIS A, BSKL A, ELC, KLASS Black, Tenby and GIS B. In any previous tournament, base on the coaches observation, the girls will always take their time to reach their peak performance. This competition proved to be no different as they only reached their peak during the third game and this was when we had to face the strongest team. Due to the hot weather, we did rolling subs to allow the players to rest. The only player that requested to keep playing was Aarini who did a tremendous job by scoring 3 goals in the whole competition. We were unlucky to win just 1 game vs GIS B 2-0 but sadly this was just a friendly, all the others being part of the official competition. Players from BSKL A, GIS A and even ELC were taller than our players and that had a negative psychological impact on a few of the less experienced girls. With more exposure to playing competitive games this confidence will no doubt grow. Apart than Aarini and Sophia, many of the players seemed to lose their focus and were not sure what to do, some were simply being too kind to the opponent and some were just nervous. Overall, the girls finished 8th. Hopefully all of these players will continue to play next year and in the meantime look at joining a local club to gain more exposure. Well done for all their effort this year.
KLASS U11 Boys Football
On Sunday 31st March, 23 of the U11 Boys football team had participated in the Annual Primary Football Invitational Tournament at Alice Smith Secondary School. A total of 13 teams participated in this competition and 2 of the team were Taylors Orange and Red. Team Orange playing in the Boys Cup category while the Red team played in the Boys development trophy category.

Taylors Orange team started the match with a 2-1 win against Newlands Beaconhouse but then went down to BSKL 'A' in a thrilling match. The boys came close to equalising only to be denied on the goal line by a BSKL defender.

The third game, the boys drew 0-0 against Tenby before going down 2-0 in the fourth match against elc 'A'. They still managed to qualify to the next round and came up against KLASS Black. As the match was at 12.45pm, our boys were tired and they couldn’t match their opponents in the 2nd half, losing 4-2.

For our Red team they had a less than perfect start against Cempaka with a 2-0 loss. Mistakes from the defenders and goalkeeper gave their opponent a 2 goal lead in the first 2 minutes. As this didn’t go quite according to plan, tactics were changed for the next match against KLASS white, which resulted in a 3-0 win. In the second round Team Thunder went against KTJ who gave a really good fight before the TISKL boys won 1-0. The quarter-final game was against KLASS Green who were too strong for our boys. Two early goals in the 1st half made it difficult as KLASS were able to defend the lead.

Well done for all their endeavour and hopefully they can learn from the experience..
KLISS U15 Boys Rearranged Cup Football
Originally scheduled for mid November and then again at the end of January, the U15 Boys Cup Final finally concluded at HELP on Monday 1st April. With TISKL knocking out the favourites BSKL in the semi finals in January it meant that the KLISS Final would be a repeat of the KLSL Final which had gone in the favour of the boys from TISKL. This game proved to be another tight affair as Team Thunder could have scored on their first attack, but Madhav’s shot was well saved by the HIS GK. With Zafran, Ji Hwan and Aakash at the back, and Ijaz bossing things in the middle Taylor’s looked in control and after 5 minutes took the lead with yet another Madhav goal who outpaced the HIS defence to slot it between the GK’s legs for the opener. With seconds remaining in the first half disaster struck as the HELP winger was given too much space and fired a great shot into the side of the net to make things even at the break.

Kim, Seunggoo and Ijaz all had chances to put the Taylor’s boys back in front but spurned opportunities looked like they may come back to haunt TISKL as Aakash could only parry a HELP shot into the net and HIS took the lead for the first time. However, the resilient Taylor’s boys went straight up the field and equalised within a minute, yet again Madhav finishing off after not giving up when all seemed lost. This only seemed to spur the Orange boys on and Madhav then turned provider as he set up Seunggoo who made it 3-2. The last 5 minutes were nip and tuck with both teams looking to add to their tally. Kim and Roshan had chances which would have made the final minutes less nervous. With seconds remaining, the HELP forward rattled the crossbar and Team Thunder breathed a huge sigh of relief as they held on to make it a football double this season, and brought the KLISS U15 boys trophy home for the 4th consecutive year. Well worth the wait, congratulations to all on what has been a very long drawn out football season.

Team: Aakash, Zafram Ji Hwan, Ijaz ©, Kim, Seunggoo, Madhav ©, Matthew Yap, Keith, Lester & Roshan
Coach: Mr.Ratcliffe
Netball U16 Friendly
The first term is almost done and our Netball team had their last friendly match against a local school on the 2nd April. The school came was the champion of the Inter Boarding School Games last year. Our U16 team had to play their U18 girls but it was not a problem. With the highly motivated girls, Thunder was leading the game 6-2 in the first quarter and this has given them more confidence to play the older girls. The second half was quite easy as they put their subs on. Team Thunder able to shoot more goals this time and the game became one-sided until the end of the first half. The moment we started the second half, there was a blackout in the sports hall after heavy rain and loud thunder. We have to wait about 10 minutes to get back to the game after the maintenance people get it sorted. The pace of the game was still the same, Thunder girls managed to hold the possession until the end of the game and won 23-16.

Team: Ai Xin, Shung Yuiq, Cerelia, Sophie, Chloe, Yue Tung, Jing Wen, Demi, Zhi Ying, Reshika and Erina
Coach: Ms. Yati
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