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5 April 2019 - Message from the Sports Director
Term 2 After School Training (starting the first week back after term 1 break) - Outside Coaches
After School
Sports Hall


ASA Primary Badminton

ASA Taekwondo

ASA Primary Basketball
U10 & U11 Mixed Tee Ball - Mr.Ratcliffe & Ms.Azlinda


U13 Boys Volleyball - Mr.Prem & Mr.Wong

U13 Girls Volleyball - Ms.Yati
ASA Primary Football


U15 & O15 Girls Volleyball - Ms.Gemma, Ms.Akshara & Ms.Bella
U9 Mixed Tee Ball - Mr.Victor


U15 & O15 Boys Volleyball - U15 Mr.Prem & Mr.Sarveas

O15 - Mr.Ratcliffe


ASA Secondary Badminton

ASA Primary Gymnastics

ASA Karate

Primary/Secondary Badminton - Mr.Wong & Ms.Bella
All ages Tee Ball - Mr.Ratcliffe
Term 2 After School Training (starting the first week back after term 1 break) - Outside Coaches
After School



Primary High 5 Volleyball - Mr.Ratcliffe


Boys Volleyball - Mr.Prem



Anyone wanting to represent the school team this term should attend training on the above dates as well as signing up for the sport / activity in CCA.
KLSL Swimming:
The inaugural KLSL Swim Meet will take place at IGB on Friday 3rd May from 1pm. This will be for U9, U11, U13 & U15 age groups (no U10). There will be no 25m races, only 50m, 100m and 200m IM (U13 and U15 only). For those who represented the School this year, your times are on record. For those who never, you will need to provide times in your favoured strokes so they can be compared to the rest. Further details can be got from Mr.Ratcliffe ratcliffe.chris@kl.tis.edu.my
U16 SEA Netball Tournament Singapore
It was a great honour to be invited along to Singapore again to compete in the U16 SEA netball tournament hosted at Tanglin Trust School this year. Playing against some of the most well known schools across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Brunei and China the Thunder girls were certainly seen as little fish stepping into a big pond in this competition.

After flying down to Singapore on the Friday morning and settling into our hotel for the weekend the girls were down to TTS ready to get their first taste of international netball action. Thankfully Friday evenings matches were friendlies to allow the International travelling schools time to adjust to the settings as the Thunder girls certainly did not bring their top performance game. A combination of nerves and tiredness from the early morning start meant it took awhile for the girls to get into their netball flow and when games were only 8 minute halves there is no time for slow starts. After the evening matches had finished it was a quick turn around for the girls to grab a shower and be ready for dinner and then back for an early night pre the real competition kicking off on the Saturday.

Arriving on Saturday the girls immediately realised how big the tournament they would be competing in was, with 18 teams in the U16 competition, there was an extremely high standard of netball on display. Being grouped in Pool A for round 1 together with Tanglin Trust A, Tenby Phoenixes Penang and Shrewsbury International School, Thailand, the girls knew there would be no easy matches. The Thunder girls lost to Phoenixes by 1 point (7-8) and 3-13 to TTS A which was not a good start for the girls but beating Shrewsbury 8-0 which placed them in a group in round 2 with Jerudong International School who we drew with, Chinese International School and Garden International School who we beat. Finishing 2nd in the group sent us into a final 13th/14th play off match verse Alice Smith School who in a tense match we beat by 4 points to finish 13th overall in the second international netball competition for the school.

Saturday evening then was spent having a team meal to celebrate our successes before we depart back KL and hand out MVP awards. These went to Ai Xin for defender of tournament, Cerelia for center court player of the tournament and Chloe Goy for shooter of tournament. A special award known as the "baby giraffe award" was also presented to Shung Yuiq for her clumsiness on court!

Line ups: Yue Tung, Sophie, Ai Xin, Jing Wen, Reshika, Lisa, Demi, Cerelia, Zhi Ying, Chloe, Erina and Shung Yuiq.
Coaches: Ms. Gemma and Ms. Yati.
KLISS U13 Girls Basketball Bowl
The U13 Red girls played the first game against the White team of our own and it's a good game for both as we get to practice before playing against other schools. As usual the air-conditioned hall did make the girls suffer a bit as they are really not used to it. However, both teams showed a good spirit game and ended with Team Red winning 26-6. Second, the Red team were up to play against HELP. Our girls hustled hard and won 18-6 with a lot of shots from under the basket and a few rebounds kept us in the lead. The final was against the Home team, BSKL Lions. They were taller than our girls but it didn’t made them feel down to play against them. It was an intense game as the home teams parents started to cheer for the them. Up to the last 3 minutes, the scores were tied 6-all and it was a sudden fast break in the last few seconds from the Lions that broke through the TISKL defense and where able to maintain the advantage to win the Bowl Final. Nonetheless, our girls played their best and know that they had done their best, going home feeling proud with what they achieved this far.

Line-ups : Yee Mun, Irise, Rachel, Ying En, Aanchal, Lazima, Ruhani, HaYeong, Loria & Sandhya.
Coach : Ms. Bella

The U13 White girls stepped up to the challenge of the KLISS bowl competing against B teams from BSKL, HELP and our own Thunder peers. Results didn’t necessarily reflect the effort and commitment of the girls on court as they adapted to playing competitive match conditions. It was a great learning experience for the girls and despite coming away with 3 loses the girls were able to celebrate the baskets they were able to put away and are looking forward to getting back on court for the KLSL Bowl competition, soon.

Line-ups : Anushri Raja, Amara, Amyrra Zain, Noela, Moukhtika, Apurva & Crystal.
Coach : Ms. Gemma
KLISS Primary Athletics
10 weeks of hard work came to fruition at a hot and humid IGB International School on Wednesday 13th March. With three training sessions a week under their belt, the squad of 54 students from Year 3 to 7 fancied their chances of upsetting the previously undefeated BSKL and going one better than their second placed finish in 2018.

The day commenced late due to two schools turning up late which only ramped up the nerves of the team. Eventually the meet commenced with the girls starting on the track and the boys in the field. Traditionally as a school we are stronger in the field due to us practicing more for that due to running on our field being an issue and this year proved no different.

Peter created some history as he won his third consecutive High Jump Championship, again setting a KLISS record with a jump on 1.25m. He now holds the records (although shares at U9 and U10) at all three age groups.
Other boys who won their events were as follows:
U9 3SJ A - Isaac
U9 3SJ B - Ethan
U9 HJ - Ethan (second on count back but equalled the KLISS Record)
U10 3SJ A - Hyo Won (New KLISS record)
U10 3SJ B - Elliot
U11 LJ B - Zen Vier
U11 Shot B - Joe (New KLISS record)

The girls track also so a number of highlights with the following also coming away with Gold:
U9 60m B - Krista
U10 4x100m Relay - Hui Cheng, Kanya, Natalie & Sara Fujita
U11 60m A - Van Yi

After a quick break the students swapped and the boys entered the track, usually dominated by the BSKL boys and the girls went out to throw and jump.
Only four golds on the track for the boys. At U10, Mohamed impressively held on to win the 400m A, Donald powered home to win the 60m B and Marshall followed up his U9 triumph in the 100m winning the B race. The U9 Boys 4x100 team of Ainesh, Umar, Isaac and Ethan were also too fast winning in impressive fashion.

A lot of success on the field for the girls as the following were also crowned Champions:
U9 3SJ B - Anna (New KLISS record)
U9 Shot A - Mikhayla (New KLISS record, she now holds the U9 A and B records having won the B in 2018 as an 8 year old)
U9 Quoit B - Aarini
U10 HJ A - Hui CHeng
U10 3SJ B - Sarah Scavino
U11 HJ A - Lisa
U11 STJ A - Van Yi (New KLISS record)
U11 STJ B - Lisa
U11 Discus A - Melisa

The Shuttle Relay is always a great inclusive way of ending the day, and a good opportunity for all to get a medal. This year, we managed to get all three teams home in the top 3 (and no batons dropped), winning at U11, second at U9 and third at U10.

Unfortunately BSKL proved to be too strong winning for the 7th consecutive year. ISP took back second and despite having 52 more points than 2018 Team Thunder had to settle for third (over 200 points ahead of 4th). Not quite what we wanted but a remarkable achievement (especially when you look at BSKL and ISP are also in ISAC and FOBISIA which has athletics competitions).

Final Placings:
BSKL - 1559
ISP - 1525
TISKL - 1488
Tenby - 1278
IGB - 1159
KTJ - 1153
HELP - 1122
Nexus - 1057
Puchong - 1037
KLSL U11 Boys B Bowl Final
Arriving at the venue 30 minutes late due to some students competing in the KLISS Athletic meet in the morning at IGB International School, our 1st match was against MIGS. On the previous Monday we had some tactical training during the after school training. Our players applied what they have learned during the training and it seemed to work. MIGS was finding it very difficult to move and we had the game under control. It was a really tough match, MIGS players were all looking tired as our players made them to run around and our defenders were so strong. A last minute goal undid all the hard work meaning a 1-0 loss.

The second and final group game was a must win match against a much experienced team from Sri KDU(SKIS). Their players were fast, strong and taller than our players. We had to change our formation to match up against them. As expected, they came in hard to win the match. Our boys didn't give up, the defense was so strong. We managed to counter attack but it wasn't good enough as their keeper was hard to beat. The total number of shots to our goal was 20. Our defense broke, as our main players were tired from the Athletic meet and the earlier match against MIGS. we conceded 2 goals. It wasn’t an easy goal for SKIS as well.

Rudy was our goalkeeper. He was initially in team white. We selected him to play in the ‘Red’ team as he showed tremendous improvement. He was also admired by the opponent as they were saying that our goalkeeper is superb. His "The Flash" like reflects make it difficult for the opponent to score. Team 'Red' has nominated Rudy as The Man Of The Match for the Bowl Cup Final.
KLISS U13 Boys B & C Bowl Final
Team Red and White had our KLISS Bowl matches at BSKL on the 14th March 2019. The white teams first match was against BSKL 'B' team and ended in a 5 - 28 defeat as they were much faster and skilful. 

Next up were ISP 'C' and the team played much better, winning the match with a score of 9 - 4.

In the playoff for 3rd and 4th placing against TISKL ‘Red’ team, the later won with a score 9 - 1. White team were in the 4th position.

The players are:
Yong Jae, Tommy, Park, Andy Lee, Wen Jie, Mihir, Graham, Zhi Szien, Fariz, Ryan Chan.
KLISS U13 Girls A Cup Final
It is totally an adrenaline rush game for the first match for finals as we are up against last year Cup Finals Champions, the ISP's Pumas. Both team played aggressively against each other and made a tie 4-4 until the last few seconds where one of our girls accidentally tapped the opponent's hand when they wanted to perform a lay-ups. They were rewarded with 2 free-throws and unluckily for us, 1 of the ball successfully went in and they won with only 1 point ahead. Heads up, we played against our own rival from our sister’s school, Taylor's Puchong Lightning Team. One of the girl is the state player and it seems quite hard to guard her as she is a sharp 3-pointer. We lost 7-11 against them, but we believe anything could happened in the last 2 games. We continued playing against the remaining team which is BSKL Lions and Tenby Setia Eagles and managed to win both comfortably with 13-4 and 12-0. With heads-to-heads and goal difference against the three tied teams, we managed to get second place as Puchong team lost against BSKL. Overall, the Puma's finished first, we maintained our last year's position with second place and Lightning's team finished third. It is great to see the continued development of girls basketball and as the years go on, the girls experience continues to grow showing that the interest is just as big with the girls as it is with the boys.

Line-ups : Maria, Merissa, Natalie Lai, Priscilla, Megan To, Clarissa, Loria, Gladys, San Yi, Melissa Ho, Charmaine Goy & Fritzika.
Coach : Ms. Bella
KLISS Secondary Athletics
Monday 18th March saw 52 Year 6-11 Thunder students head over to Panasonic Stadium in Shah Alam for the annual Track & Field meet. Having never finished outside the top 3 this was always going to be a tough task due to the lack of training by many of the team. With 8 Year 6 students having to move up due to the lack of enthusiasm / skill in Year 7 & 8 it was always going to be a tough task.

BSKL again proved that they are the number 1 athletics team in KLISS, winning comfortably from ISP and KTJ with Team Thunder down in 5th (in the combined U13/U15). There were lots of notable performances from those who had trained hard (full results not available yet), which shows what can be achieved with hard work.

The O15 trophy is always won by KTJ who have a large 6th form and again they proved too strong. The last minute changes by Team Thunder worked though and the boys and girls managed 3rd place, just 5 points off ISP in second.
Lots of work needs to go into looking at why this drop has happened especially as the team were Champions just two years ago.
KLISS U11 Boys Football Plate Final
The boys headed to HELP on Tuesday 19th March knowing that they needed to defend better than they did in Round 1. Game 1 against Puchong could not have gone much worse and totally against what the aim was. Puchong scoring after literally 20 seconds could have made the boys heads go down but instead they rolled up their sleeves and gave Puchong a game. Peter equalized after 4 minutes when his shot rattled the underside of the bar and from there both teams squandered opportunities to win the game. A 1-1 draw was probably a fair result with Isaac from the U9 being a threat throughout. IGB were up next and they were high on confidence having won 1-0 vs HELP. Goalkeeper Kae Sern kept our boys in the game with a series of fine saves and Nik looked like he had won the game but he fired over from short range. Just when the game looked like it was going to be another draw, IGB broke and their forward struck the killer blow and meant Team Thunders chances of defending the Plate they won in 2018 was over.

The final game against HELP seemed to mean more to the hosts than to our boys as we lacked any real intensity, whether this was from the heat or the fact they knew they couldn’t win. Either way, another 1-0 loss meant that the boys finished 8th from 9 overall, not what was hoped for at the beginning of the season.
KLISS U11 Girls Football Cup Final
The team headed to Tenby on Tuesday, 19th March for our final quest of the season. We had Tenby in the first match. Sadly, as seems the norm, the girls took the first match as something of a warm-up. They started slow and that gave a chance to Tenby to score the first goal in the first 3 minutes. Our players seems not ready for this game and Tenby used the opportunity to win it. Next up were BSKL which was much better. We attacked and defended better. A few fouls were made and that gave advantage to BSKL to get the possession. Our defence has less control and that gave a pressure on the goal keeper. Despite the improvement, the girls lost this game and it seemed that they only reach the peak of their performance towards the end of tournaments. Different scenario happened when we played KTJ. Probably we had more experience playing than their team. We have more opportunity to attack and scored some goal compare to the other 2 games. KTJ have 1 or 2 good players but as we said, teamwork makes it work. We were so happy to win this game. Same with our last match when we won against ISP with 2-1, which was unexpected. We got head to head with BSKL and ISP at the end and because BSKL beat us, that put us in 2nd place. I had a great season with the U11 girls and next year most of them will be U13. I wish them all the best and hope to see more from them in future (Ms.Azlinda).
KLSL U13 Girls Basketball Bowl
The U13 Red teams heads were up playing the KLSL Bowl in the Thunderdome after getting second place for KLISS Bowl Finals the previous week at BSKL. It was due to be battle of 6 teams; Taylor's Thunder Red, Taylor's Thunder White, HELP's Hurricane B, UCSI, SJIIM & FISKL but since FISKL didn't turn up, we played according the schedule with only 5 teams. Playing against the Hurricanes, our girls started to tremble and nervous as a lot of fumble and missed lay-ups even they are already used to the home ground court. Losing by only 1 basket 4-6, they promised to themselves to play better this time even they knew when they are up against UCSI A team. They tried their best but it was proven that the opponent is stronger in term of accurate passing and perfect shooting. For the third and fourth place play-offs, they met the Hurricanes one more time. This time our girls played at 100% and defended even harder making it impossible to penetrate the baskets. They hustled harder and won 8-1. Overall, it was a real comeback as they finished third place for KLSL Bowl this season.

Line-ups : Yee Mun, Irise, Rachel, Ying En, Aanchal, Lazima, Ruhani, HaYeong, Loria &
Coach : Ms. Bella

The U13 White Thunder girls had a tough afternoon in the Thunderdome as they faced A teams from UCSI and St Joseph's. Both these teams were well organised and had players who were very skillful and experienced in playing. This made it extremely hard for the Thunder girls to break through their half court press and the speed at which both these teams moved the ball into attack left the TISKL girls often chasing shadows.

Unfortunately the Thunder girls were unable to register on the scoreboard but this did not take away from effort and commitment these girls have shown and to have 3 teams worth of U13 girls competing for the school is a great platform for the future of girls basketball at TISKL.

Line-ups : Anushri Raja, Amara, Amyrra Zain, Noela, Moukhtika, Apurva, Tiyana & Crystal.
Coach : Ms. Gemma
KLSL U9 Girls Football
The Orange and Red U9 girls football team went to Sri KDU International School for the KLSL finals. In this tournament, we had four round robin matches, the teams being Sri KDU, HELP A, TISP A, TISKL Orange and TISKL Red.
With only one coach due to many fixtures taking place on the same day, it wasn't easy to manage 2 games at once. All the girls played well especially in the second and third games but we just got unlucky when we missed a few shots on goal. Overall defence in the Red team needs a lot of practice and experience to know their position better. The attackers did ok but require more confidence and practice. Meanwhile, the Orange team needs to put more effort and communication to avoid trying to fight for the ball. The Orange defenders put on a great show when they managed to stop the ball from getting closer to their goal.

Overall, it was great to watch for both team played. I really hope that the girls will keep their interest in football and with more exposure, they will get better. Well done to the Orange team who were 2nd and to the Red who were 5th.
KLSL U9 Boys Football
The boys travelled the short distance to our sister school, Puchong, for the KLSL Cup competition and had hopefully learned some lessons from their previous outing at Nexus.

TISKL 2 - 0 St. Joseph’s
This was a confident start by Team Thunder who dominated the majority of the game but still had to rely on Jayden in goals making two very good, brave saves at the feet of the opposition to take full points. With a more aggressive, pressing game they took the lead when Terrance scored from outside the area and this was followed by a second goal, scored by Isaac.

Team Thunder continued with their pressing game and were rewarded early on when Mikael scored from the right. Unfortunately, all their good work was undone when some poor defence allowed Puchong to equalise, the defence allowing the ball to bounce through to an unopposed Puchong player who put the ball past Jayden. Luckily, this did not demoralise the players who kept on pushing for the winner, Isaac taking every opportunity to shoot. It was from Isaac's boot that the second goal came from, a strike from outside the area. He then followed up with his second for the game with another run and shot from the right handside.

TISKL 0 - 3 Help
This third and final game was a winner take all game, whoever won taking the cup home, as both teams had won their first two games. The game started badly for Team Thunder, Help scoring in the first minute with their first attack. Things went from bad to worse when Help scored their second from the penalty spot, a rather harsh handball decision as it seemed that the ball hit the arm as opposed to a deliberate handball. Team Thunder never really got into the game and struggled to get out of their own half and it seemed inevitable that Help would score again, which they did. The one chance that the boys had came from the last kick of the game when Isaac sent a blistering shot just wide of the goal.

With two wins and one defeat Team Thunder ended the competition in second place with the silver medals.

Back row: Ethan Daniels, Jayden, Isaac, Zhen Song, Luke
Front row: Terrance, Mikael, Umar, Edry
KLISS U15 Boys Basketball Cup
Although the Thunder boys recorded a dramatic victory against TENBY 29-24 and HELP 28-22 but that was just not enough to win the title in KLISS U15 Boys Basketball.

The BSKL proved to be a better team with some of the players really controlled the game and TISKL could not do much against the hosts and lost 37-7. The game against KTJ didn't go to plan either. Taylor's managed to reduce the KTJ’s lead but it was too late and another defeat from KTJ 30-21 left Taylor's to finish overall 3rd in U15 KLISS tournament 2019.
KLSL U15 Girls Basketball Bowl
On the 20th of March, 3 teams came to the Thunderdome to play the U15 Girls Basketball Bowl Final. With the advantage of playing at home, team Thunder Red has led the game 2-0 in the first half of the first game versus Sri KDU. The girls managed to score one more basket in the second half but the opponents also did the same. Being only two points ahead, the Thunder girls started to panic and committed a few fouls. With a stroke of luck for the Sri KDU girls when one of the girls was awarded 2 free throw in the final minute and she nailed it. So the game ended with 4-4 score. The second match was pretty straight forward. Team Thunder was up against King Henry VIII. Our girls were 4-0 up in the first half and kept the possession steadily throughout the match. They were able to score six more points in the next half but also conceded 3 points. The final score was 10-3 to team Thunder. The final match was really high intensity. Team Thunder has to play against UCSI who were physically stronger and taller than them. Thunder girls were outplayed 0-4 in the first half and were emotional and mentally down at half time. However, after a quick team talk at the break time, they were back in the game with a better performance. Credit to Yong Tong who did two beautiful layups and the game was tied in the middle of the second half. The game became more competitive towards the end. In the final minute, Reshika had two free throw but she missed one shot. This had put Thunder ahead by one point. Unfortunately, one of the UCSI girls scored a jump shot right before the final whistle and this gave UCSI the title. By having the same points with SriKDU, the girls were lucky to finish 2nd overall as they had the better goal difference. Well done to the team Thunder Red to win silver medal in the U15 Girls Basketball Bowl Final.

Line Ups : Sophie, Ameera, Ashley, Beatrice, Khadijah, Leena Uzman, Alyssa, Yong Tong, Yuen Jin and Reshika.
Coach: Ms. Yati
KLSL U15 Boys Basketball Cup
The U15 boys cruises past the HELP International School 30-23 in the last game to win the KLSL 2019 tournament title.

Team Thunder recorded a straight forward victory against APIS 33-5 and although the score doesn't suggest it, were in full control against SJIM, winning 19-11. It was the last game against HELP where the boys used all the tactics and put in great work to control the opponents. At one point of time in the second half scores were 18-18. However, boys not only denied HELP scoring opportunities but also took a good lead in the last minute and become the 2019 KLSL U15 Champions. 

Congratulations to all the team members.
KLSL O15 Girls Basketball Cup
The last competition of the season for the U18 Girls Basketball team from Taylor's Thunder saw them playing in the KLSL Cup against 6 other teams; Taylor's Puchong Lightning, HELP, BSI, UIS, St. Joseph's & FISSJ. First up from our group were St. Joseph's. It was quite an intense game but it was proven that our girls are better in defence as we kept the lead with an 11-8 win. A big step up for Ming Jie, Jing Wen, Ashley Sia and Grace for unlocking their potential in this game.

Next up were FISSJ. The previous game against our opponents saw them tied 16-all, hence some tactical play was given by the coach to break down the defence. It was a quick-paced game and some fast breaks by Cerelia, Tang and Chloe put Team Thunder 15-6 in the lead. Reishan also did well in scoring and with that, we automatically qualified for the semi-finals and were up to play against the second placed team in the opposite group.

We met UCSI and this time, the intense excitement came as Chloe intercepted 3 times in only 2 minutes play to put us in the lead 6-0. It was pretty comfortable until the girls lost the-D due to feeling over confident. In the last 30 seconds, one of our girls trembled and lost possession of the ball and made the score with only us having 1 point in the lead. Change of plans, the girls played some sort of 'netball game' with quick passes and keep playing and delaying the time and won the semi with 11-10.

The final saw us playing with our rival sister school, Taylor's Puchong. This time, the girls hustled hard for 20-minutes and were even more motivated when Mr. Peter Wells came along to support the final push. Cerelia and Chloe worked as an unbeatable duo and the 'Kobe Bryant Perimeter Defence', Ai Xin and Tang protected the key from getting penetrated. Yue Tung sharp shooting under the basket with LisaKo and Natalie Koh played well as the Point Guard and the girls were unstoppable winning 20 points to 9.

It was a great day as the girls are crowned as the Champions for the U18 KLSL Girls Basketball despite most of them still being U15. All their efforts coming to morning training and staying back for the past few months totally worth it. Congratulations girls!

Line-ups : Ai Xin, Tang Shung Yuiq, Cerelia Yoong, Chloe Goy, Yue Tung, Jing Wen,
Natalie Koh, Grace, Ming Jie, LisaKo, Reishan & Ashley Sia.
Coach : Ms. Bella

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