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15 July 2019 - Message from the Director of Sport
KLSL O15 Girls Volleyball
On the 21st June, the O15 Girls went to TISP for the KLSL Volleyball Cup. The schools participating were St. Joseph's, TISP, HELP, Peninsula International School and ourselves. It was pretty intense and the girls played really well as they won all their group games to top the group. During the semi final, we met our old rival sister school, TISP and it was all close points but TISP managed to overtake the girls. This result meant we played again against HELP and the girls lost their momentum and went down to a 2-0 defeat. However, there were plenty of good rallies, teamwork, and unstoppable hard work from our girls, it is just that we ran out of luck this time. These girls will come back stronger next time.

Full results :
TISKL vs St. Joseph B
15-3, 15-11
12-15, 17-15, 9-3
12-15, 9-15
7-15, 14,17
Overall - 4th place

Players : Ashley Koh, Natalie Koh, Tang Shung Yuiq, Jing Wen, Wen Jing, Ai Xin, Zhi Ying, Leena Ahmed and Reshika.
Coach : Ms. Bella
KLSL U13 Orange Boys Volleyball
The U13 boys team left a lasting impression at the U13 KLSL Cup finals hosted by TISP. Team Thunder earned a silver medal after beating SJIIM and HELP 2-0. However, the boys lost their winning momentum and lost to TISP 2-1 in a close encounter and finished 2nd overall in the tournament.
KLSL U11 Orange Boys Tee Ball
Following the success of the Red boys the previous week, the Orange boys headed to SJIIM confident of making it a double. The chances were dealt a blow as two of their main players (Peter, Base 1 and Last Batter and Zen Vier, Home Base) were ill on the day meaning promotions for Hamza and Tashdid of Team Red. First up in their group were Sri KDU and the worst batting performance of the season played out as they had 4 players caught out to fly balls and two run outs meaning Sri KDU only required a modest 7 to win. However, after a few frank words the boys responded magnificently with an excellent performance in the field, led by Zen Vinn and Kae Sern. Keeping any team to just 3 runs is pretty hard to do against any team.

Next up were Taylor's Puchong who only turned up with 9 players (a team has 12). This meant that there would be plenty of space in the field but that 3 of the batters could bat twice. It was somewhat a case of deja vu as the boys were again great in the field, this time they only conceded 4 runs. When it came to batting, again they tried to smash the ball as hard as they can instead of placing it into spaces. However, they just about had enough and came away 8-4 winners in what should have been more convincing.

This meant that they won Pool 2 and would play the Runners Up of Pool 1 which was MIGS. Team Thunder batted first and 9 runs is a decent score, meaning MIGS Required 10 to win. Maybe it was over confidence but this wasn't TISKL's best fielding performance as it seemed they were doing the very best to lose the game. It was 9-6 with MIGS having 4 batters left which made the last few minutes nervous for all. Fortunately, MIGS felt the pressure more and they only scored 1 more run which put TISKL into the final with a 9-7 victory. This set up a match with the hosts SJIIM and Zen Vinn won the toss and put them into bat. Mr.Ratcliffe informed them that this was going to be the last ever Tee Ball game for many of them (as Tee Ball isn't a competitive sport in Secondary) so they should go out and leave everything on the field. What occurred next was pretty much everything they had worked on over the past few months. SJIIM were all out for 4 which was actually pretty disappointing as two of those should have been caught by fly balls and two more should have been given out on base two. Nonetheless, a target of 5 was certainly achievable. With 3 batters done, first batter Zhen Fa was stuck on base 3 as Pavin was ran out and then Mann was caught to a fly ball. Things weren't looking great for team Orange. However, the next 9 batters all got home including Ryan Gupta as last batter to give the boys a comprehensive 10-4 victory.
KLSL U15 Red Basketball
The much awaited rescheduled U15 Basketball Bowl finals took place on 27th at TISKL where MIGS, SJIIM, UIS, SRI KDU and TIS Red locked horns against each other.

Unfortunately Team Thunder lost to MIGS (6-7), SJIIM (11-12) and UIS (13-14) all in a nail biting finishes. In the last game against SRI KDU the boys struggled and could not create any chances of turnaround and lost 27-4. This meant U15 'Red' finished 5th overall in the tournament but definitely have enriched themselves with valuable experience as for all the other 4 teams these were their A teams.
KLSL U11 Orange Girls Tee Ball
Sharp at 2.00pm, all 13 U11 girls made our move to St Joseph's. We were in Group A and ready to play against our opponent - Help and MIGS. After all the training and hard work, we went undefeated. The girls won with a big score against Help 7-3 and that was a good start for us. Straight after they played MIGS and it seemed that our girls were unbeatable when we won again, this time 9-6. With this result, it put the girls into the semifinals as group winners, up against Sri KDU. It wasn't a stressful game when all of our players keep their position and focus. By winning 10-6, it has put us into the final against St Joseph. This was a stressful match but being able to field first was an advantage for us. We stopped them at 8 point but it was so unlucky when few of our batters got confused with the changes of the pitch and got struck out. At the end, we drew with 8-8 and we had to play again base on first 3 out. After the pressure, we finally been declared as KLSL U11 Girls Champion for this season. Congratulations to all players for their commitment and hard work and thank you to Mr Ratcliffe for all your contribution to training the girls.
KLSL U15 Orange Girls
Taylor's International School KL among other schools in Kuala Lumpur district entered the Volleyball Cup for the Under 15 Division held at Help International School. The journey was at least 45 minutes long and lucky for the Taylor Thunders team, we have arrived early at 3 20 for a good 15 minutes of practice before our first match.

The matches were held in two different location within HELP International one being in the Sports hall and the other at the outdoor court. With 4 Schools competing, Taylors KL played all their matches at the outdoor court. The very first school TISKL competed with was HELP itself with an unfortunate loss at the end but a strong game put out by the girls. There was a last-minute decision to bring forward a contingency team due to Year 10's being unavailable that made Team A unable to attend. Nonetheless, the contingency team consisting of all Year 9's showed potential and strength in their matches making their coach not just proud but hopeful for future matches.

Our last game ended with competing with our sister School TISPC. Also, a loss at the end but a real good fight put up by our Year 9 girls where the difference in points were close. The entire experience was worthwhile for the girls due to working as a united front against top schools in the Volleyball sport.

One moment that was memorable was when the team had a break in between their matches where the court was not used and the referee was kind enough to not just play with the girls as practice but to teach them the ideal way in serving an overhead. All in all, the girls were happy with the outcome despite not winning simply due to the experience. With that in mind, our next goal is to improve and eventually be in the top three ranks for Kuala Lumpur District.
KLSL U15 Red & White Boys
This time, instead of 3 team we are just sending in 2 team as the year 10 is involved in a student trip. Champions St Joseph Int were in the same group with Taylors White and Help int. Team white consist of all year 10 students went down to St Joseph & Help in a straight set defeat. Team white were in shock with the defeat as they were the favourites to win the cup. They could be tired due to the trip or over confident of their opponent.

Team red qualified to the semifinals only to lose to St Joseph in the decider set (15-12 / 13-15 / 9-7). Team white were all out to win the match, but luck wasn't on their side. They achieved their objective of the competition is to qualify to the semifinals. In the 3rd and 4th match against Mutiara international, team Red lost to in the decider set (15-8 / 2-15 / 16-14). It was a heart pumping match to watch. Even the final match was held for 10minutes, as both the team wanted to watch the 3rd and 4th match. As the rule in KLSL has change, Mutiara International were making full use of their tennis skills to pass the ball over instead of the 2 touch were our boys were applying it. They got a salute from St joseph & Help especially on the never die spirit were the kids were running out of the court to get the ball back into the game.

Well done boys. We will come back stronger next term.
A big congratulations to Rania Sofiya from 5T who recently participated in the GymFun Interclub Gymnastics Carnival over the last weekend of June. As you can see from below she did pretty well:

Overall - 2nd
Floor routine - 6th
Vault - 1st
Bar - 2nd
Team - 3rd

Great to see Taylor's KL students excelling in sports outside of school. Keep up the hard work Rania and we look forward to seeing your continuing development in the sport.

Chris Ratcliffe
Director of Sport
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