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23 October 2019 - Message From The Sports Director
These past two weeks have again seen many games postponed due to the torrential downpours we have been having in the afternoon. Hopefully we can squeeze the rearranged fixtures in before the end of the year.
AIMS U11 Boys Orange Basketball
The U11 Team Orange were off to a good start in the first round of AIMS Basketball at the Thunderdome when they defeated Nexus Wolves 12-8. The boys showed some good court movements and Lionel kept up the offensive pressure and scored a few baskets for the team.

However, in the next two games boys could not keep up their momentum and lost to TISP 17-3 and KTJ 8-6. Unfortunately, the boys could not qualify for the cup finals and will compete for the Plate in the next round.
KLSL U9 Girls Red Benchball
On Wednesday 9th October, the U9 girls headed to TIS Puchong for the KLSL Bowl Competition. The first game ended with a 7-1 victory over Sri KDU. The girls were super excited. The second game ended in a 7-7 draw with HELP. However, they lost the next game 7-0 against the hosts. After the points were tallied the team managed to get into semi final with their extra one point. All the girls performed well considering for many it was their first performance playing Benchball and also representing the school. The girls managed to finish 4th place out of 7 teams.
AIMS U15 Boys Orange Football
The boys traveled to HELP on Wednesday 9th October for the final of the AIMS Cup without having played a game in the prelims. Two cancelled round 1’s meant that the finals came around and due to the boys being the reigning Champions they automatically went into the Cup. With the team being very new, most of last years team either now being too old or not available it was a lot of last years B team moving up to form the team. The weather did not look promising as the boys rolled into HELP. WIth only 9 players and 4 games, it was going to be a hard task for Team Thunder to retain the crown for a 5th consecutive year. Things got even harder as defender Dinesh realised he had left his boots in school, therefore putting us down to 8. The first game were AIMS new boys SJIIM. The first half was pretty even with neither GK being troubled at all. As the boys found some rhythm in the second half, chances were being created all over the place for TISKL. Hafiy, Niyaz, Kim and Seunggoo all had opportunities to score and there were enough shots to win 3 games. Sadly, for all their possession and territory the SJIIM GK wasn’t really tested and a 0-0 was not the result the boys wanted. Game 2 vs Puchong was just about to commence and the lightning alarm went off, somewhat saving the boys as 3 more games with 8 players was going to be some ask. The rescheduled games will take place on Monday 4th November when hopefully we will have a full complement of players.
AIMS U15 Girls Orange Football
On Thursday 10th October, the U15 girls headed all the way to Tenby for AIMS Cup final. Looking bright and sunny for us to start the game with Help International School. As I always said, first game always a warm up game but we just got unlucky that we got to play a good team first. The first 1 minute, Help tried to score a goal but Nadine was prepared for that. Sohia defend well throughout the game but Help scored the first goal due to hesitation and no communication by the GK and defenders. Maria did few attempt but luck was not on our side. Clarissa scored our very first goal in the first minute in the second half. The game ended with us lost 1-3. Straight after that, with just 2 minutes break, we continued the match with KTJ. The opposition team tried few attempt to score but it was well defended by Nadine. Sad to say, this game was played without position where everyone were everywhere. This has lead to few missing passes. The match ended with 2-0 to us when we scored in the second half. The next game against Tenby was intenced. In the first 6 minutes, our team attacked more and Clarissa had a powerful shot towards the goal but unfortunately she missed it, so did Sara and Leena. When Tenby tried to score, it was well saved by Nadine as goalkeeper. Tenby won against us with 1-0. Our last match of the day was against ISP. ISP just rest for a few minutes before they played us and this gave us an advantage to play well. This time, TISKL girls got to their formation and more passing. In the first half itself, Leena scored 1 goal for the team.ISP tried to get a draw but it was well saved by Nadine. The opponent didn't get a chance to get a shot when our goal was well defended by Sophia and Ayesha. We ended the game with a big success 4-0 and that has allowed us to bring home a Silver medal for each of our players.
KLSL U13 Girls Orange & Red Netball
The Thunderdome was hosting the KLSL U13 Girls Netball on October 10th. With just five weeks of netball training, this was the first debut for our baby Thunder Team Orange and Team Red. The Team Orange has been placed in the Group A together with Sri KDU A, SJIIM, King Henry VIII and TISPC B. Whereas in Group B, Team Red with MIGS, Sri KDU B and HELP have to seize the top place from last year's runner up, TISPC to be able to play in the final.

In the grouping stage, with a little bit of excitement and nervousness at the same time, the first game for Team Orange did not start very well. The girls were very lucky that the KH VIII shooter missed the last shot just before the final whistle and this allowed them to win the first game by a slim 2-1 victory. A small twist in the offensive tactics resulted in a much better game plan and our girls proved they were strong enough to win everything pretty straight forward from there on in, 5-0 against Sri KDU A, 5-1 versus SJIIM and beating TISPC 5-0 in the final. A different story was happening for Team Red. The tactics seemed to be worked but our shooters missed a couple of shots made the first game a very low score 1-0 win against HELP. They managed to get a better score in the next matches, defeating MIGS 4-2 and beating Sri KDU B 2-0. Team Red could have been playing in the final if they won against Puchong but they lost a very close game, 1-2.

After finished top in Group A for Team Orange and second in Group B for Team Red, they were qualified to play in the final and 3rd/ 4th playoff respectively. The 3rd/ 4th playoff was against KH VIII and the match started intensely. Both teams have shown an awesome sporting spirit where all players did not give up until the last second. Unfortunately, Team Red lost by a point, the final score was 3-4. Besides, the Team Orange won the final without massive effort, they won 5-0 versus TISPC A. Good to see almost 100 young players had so much fun playing their first competitive netball fixtures (for most of them) and well done to Team Orange to retain the KLSL Championship.

Team Orange: Natalie, Megan, Nicole Lim, Noela, Beatricia, Maya, Ayuni, Ethel, Melisa and Isabelle.

Team Red: Sanjana, Anshula, Sandhya, Hui Xin, Hayley, Marissa, Rhuhani, Ameera, Aanchaal and Lazima.
U13 Boys Orange, Red & White Football
After the competition held the previous weekend, ISKL requested to have a friendly match against us and it would be a good exposure to most of our kids who missed out from the competition. We took 3 teams (Orange, Red & White) for the friendly and the orange team played in the Zurich grass field while red and white team played on the Tigers artificial turf field.

Few of the orange team players tried out on a new positions which helps to as they seem comfortable with their new positions. Defence were more solid this time and the midfielders had more control of the ball. As fitness was our challenge, ISKL broke the deadlock on the 23minutes with a long range shot who caught our goalkeeper by surprise. After the 1st goal our boys lost all confidence and let in 3 more goals with a penalty from a goalkeeper error. 10 min into the 2nd half, the lightning alarm went off and the match ended with the score 4-0. Team orange had shown much improvement from their previous match and has to work more on their fitness and confidence levels.

Team Red and White was a surprise. Team red players were a mixed group with few orange team players played against ISKL ’B’. The purpose of mixing is to help guide the red players which helps learning better. They had a shaky start as it was their 1st match, letting in 4 goals within 10min from the start. They slowly gain control of the goal. Tactical change and a pep talk at half time proves that our kids can do better. We managed to score 2 goals in the 2nd half, before the lightning alarm went off. Team Red will have to work more on their positioning and fitness level.

Team white which consist mostly of the year 6 players went down 1-0 to ISKL ‘C’ team. It is also their 1st time playing after 2 training sessions. The White team played an impressive match. Our Goalkeeper was on fire, making all the save. A missed pass from the defends line saw ISKL forward taking full advantage and scoring the only goal for that match. We had our chance to equalize but ISKL goalkeeper managed to block. If the lightning alarm didn’t go off team white might have a chance to equalise or win the match.
AIMS O15 Boys Orange & Red Volleyball
With the season now having started it was the time for the first outing of Volleyball competition. The O15 Boys Orange & Red teams went to Tenby to take part in the AIMS Volleyball tournament. Team Orange played well in all the games showing great defence and attack and giving the upper hand to the team in the beginning but due to some unforced errors the team dug themselves into the hole and lost three games and won 1.

On the other hand, Team Red started with a bang beat TISP 24-26 played some amazing volleyball and turned the tide in their direction. Team Red had another good game against IGB and the whole team applied the pressure on the opponents and with no mistakes won the close contest 25-23. Team Red Won two and lost two but could not qualify for the next round although they were equal on points with SJIIM but lost head to head. Although both teams could not qualify for the next round but they certainly gained a lot of experience last weekend.

TISKL vs HELP 21-25 
TISKL vs KTJ 16-25 
TISKL vs ISP 11-25
TISKL vs BSKL 25-14
TISKL vs TENBY 15-25
TISKL vs IGB 25-23
TISKL vs TISP 26-24
TISKL vs SJIIM 21-25
AIMS O15 Girls Volleyball
The AIMS Over 15 Girls Volleyball match called in many schools this time around that included St. Joseph and many others. It was held at our sister school Taylors International School Puchong on a Saturday calling in our trusty van for pick up and drop off. Despite the high spirit among the team for TISKL, all games played suffered a loss by just a number of points. It is safe to say that playing for AIMS is far more competitive and to be able to fight harder next time around would require more training sessions than usual. Nonetheless to know that we have grown as a team and learnt where improvements must be made, we left being more knowledgeable and knowing in the coming future, we can prove that TISKL holds a strong position in the sport of Volleyball.
KLSL O15 Boys Red Football
On Tuesday 15th October the O15 Boys Red team went to Mutiara (MIGS) for a mini football competition. Being the first time the boys played as a team and competitively together it was going to be a challenge from the first kick-off. Even before kick-off, three players realised they didn’t have shin pads so the challenge became harder. With the starting line-up set and warm up exercise complete, it was time for our first match against Sri KDU. It was an even match for the first several minutes as both sides tested the goalkeepers, then a break came after 7 minutes when the combination of Kim and Lester proved to much for Sri KDU with Kim scoring the first goal. The duo connected again a few minutes later, this time with Lester scoring the second goal for TISKL Red making it 2-0 at half time. Changes had to be made due to injuries going into the second half and Sri KDU came out strong and scoring their first goal. Determined to stay ahead TISKL Red kept composed and were hungry for more goals but ran out of time. The final score was 2-1 to TISKL Red.

The second match of the competition was against the hosts MIGS and was a closely balanced game with both sides coming out strong. After 8 minutes there was immense pressure from MIGS that led to a penalty from a hand ball decision. Goalkeeper Andy went in the right direction but it was always going to be difficult from a well placed penalty kick from the MIGS striker. Excellent defending and goalkeeping from both sides ensured no more goals were scored. Final score was 1-0 to MIGS.

The third and final match of the competition was crucial, TISKL Red knowing that a win against Fairview was essential for a chance of winning the trophy. It was a nervous start and the players were showing signs of fatigue. Fairview took advantage of this, gaining the lead after only 3 minutes. TISKL Red were determined not to let this get in the way of their hopes of a medal, they continued to push for the equaliser which came from Kim 7 minutes into the game. TISKL Red were looking for more goals but the weather conditions worsened with visible lightning strikes in the distance, bringing the competition to an early close and a final score of 1-1.

TISKL Red were second place in the competition, walking away with silver medals for their commendable efforts.
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