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25 February 2020 - It was a great start for badminton this term as we were crowned champion!

U15 Girls Basketball vs Puchong and ISKL 

On 4th February, the U15 Girls went to Puchong for a friendly match against our sister school in preparation for the AIMS competition the following week. All the girls were excited but at the same time nervous as this was the first match in the season for them. Starting strong, the girls made easy baskets and tried to play full-court defense and also zone defense. 4 quarters of 10’s, they tried to find chemistry together. They kept the pace high and won the game 47-35. A win that made them smile, raise the team spirit and gain trust with each other. Still, some improvements can be done such as fitness, communication and set play before they meet next week.

On 11th February, ISKL came to visit us for a friendly against the U15 Girls team. Complete in their basketball attire with tall appearance, still this doesn’t bother our girls as their aim to be ready for AIMS two days later, thus the opportunity to play with the Panthers are really much appreciated. A good game overall seeing the girls communication skills improve but still ball skills and footwork need to be approached more. Winning the match with 35-25 boosts their confidence and hopefully ready for the next fixtures.

U15 Boys Basketball vs Puchong 

The U15 boys made a good start in the first game of the season where they played the match against TISP. The boys were in good form and put in a great effort to dominate their opponents in all the quarters. Team Thunder were great on their defense and did not let the Puchong team to shoot at ease and were really aggressive in the game. All in all, a great victory 33-24 and a good start will definitely boost the team’s confidence for the upcoming games.

MSSKL Badminton 

MSSKL Pudu Zone badminton competition was held on 10/2/2020 - 13/2/2020 at Avengers Sports Center and our secondary team did a good job as we won gold for the U18 boys & girls singles (Stanley Ong & Amanda Yap). Under 15 singles Gold and Silver came from Choy Chi Jian and Jonas Cheng respectively, another Silver came from boys doubles U15 (Jonas Cheng & Ong Tae Ern).

For the under 10 categories, we got bronze from Darius Chai and Daphne Chai in the singles event.

Also, besides them, our other players were selected to play in the Inter-Zone Competition and they are Satcveen, Terrance Chan, Ryan Tham.

AIMS U11 Boys Football 

The Thunder Orange boys were very much prepared this year after the experience they gained the previous year helped them to be more mature this time out. Monday morning training in the school hall has proven to improve their skills. Our first match was against the host’s Nexus with a 2-0 win where Isaac scored a screamer into the top right corner with a shot from the halfway line followed by his second goal.

A 2-0 win in our second match was against TISP. Goals from Aditya and Zhen Song was enough to get us to the top of the table. Our last match was a more relaxed match where we made some changes to allow most of our players to familiarise new positions and tactics. A wonderful save from our goalkeeper ‘Rudy’ ensured a clean sheet with a goalless draw. Undefeated and confidence is high for the Cup Final in March.

AIMS U11 Girls Football 

February 12th saw twelve U11 Girls head to Nexus for round 1 of the AIMS Football Championships. Despite a few girls failing the temperature test by Ms Sheila, we went to Nexus with lots of hope and we passed through except for 1. After a few minutes in isolation and cooling off, she was allowed to join us. First up were the hosts, Nexus and we had a great start where our girls gave a good fight to the opponent. Ended the game with 2-2 gave us motivation for the next game, against TISPC. It was a tough game when most of the opponents had more experience than us. We got a few good attempts by Sara and Aarini and also from the corner kick but we just got unlucky. We lost the game and finished with a 1-10 defeat. The last match was with KTJ and due to lack of stamina, our girls got tired but despite this our team gave their best effort. Both teams were playing well in offence and defence but the girls did enough to win 2-0. Overall, the coach Ms.Azlinda was proud of the girls. They actually played well especially those who were from the U9 - Lina, Alia and Sanvi. This will be a great exposure for them. The result put us the girls in 3rd place meaning they proceed to the Bowl.

KLSL U13 Boys Basketball 

The U13 boys went to Puchong to take part in the KLSL Basketball KLSL Cup Finals last week. The other participants were UIS, HIS, SKDU and TISP.

Due to poor and sluggish off-ball defense, the team struggled hard on the court and lack of crisp passing made their offense weak. The boys could not increase the pace of their game and lost all the games and an opportunity to find a spot in the top three teams. However, hopefully the boys have learnt their lesson and definitely have experienced how to cope up with the challenges in U13 basketball games.

AIMS U15 Girls Basketball 

Spotlight fell on the Thunderdome for the AIMS U15 Girls Basketball Round 1. Seeing Nexus as their first match, they played their best and won 16-7. Next up against Taylor’s Puchong and the Lightning seemed so eager to win this as they lost the friendly match the previous week. The KL girls had been working on their communication and fitness and it showed as this was a tough game until the final buzzer. Team Thunder managed to win by 2 points 17-15 and gave them two wins in the grouping, securing the place to AIMS Finals. The last match is up against KTJ. They are fast and some quick passes penetrated our defense. Still, Taylor’s Thunder girls gave their best and fought till the end but unfortunately lost 7-12. This means, with 2 won and 1 lost seeing us and the group champion, KTJ into the Finals. A lot of things can be worked out and the girls are certainly aiming high for the Finals which will take place at KTJ.

AIMS U15 Boys Basketball 

The U15 boys had a bumpy campaign in the first round of AIMS basketball at KTJ school last week. Team Thunder played their first game against Nexus and in this nail biting finish they emerged winners by 18-15. 

Unfortunately, after that the team not only lost the rhythm but could not organise themselves and lost to KTJ 20-9. The loss against KTJ put TISKL in a must win situation in the last game against TISP. Both the teams maintained a very good standard right from the beginning and were neck to neck all the time. Towards the end Thunder boys managed to get 5 points lead but some weak passes and the onset of fatigue caused the Thunder offense completely scattered. Unfortunately, the first time U15 team could not qualify for the finals but the boys accepted the loss gracefully and hopefully will learn from their mistakes for future competitions.

AIMS O15 Mixed Badminton 

It was a great start for badminton this term as we were crown champion for the AIMS O15 Mixed Badminton Competition which was held on 15th February 2020 at Tenby Setia Eco Park. Taylor’s KL were in Division 1 with Tenby, KTJ, ISP and HELP. Out of the 32 matches played we only lost 2 matches but our boys team made a clean sweep by winning all their matches. With this we won a total of 6 Golds and 2 silvers in the 8 categories competed.

AIMS O15 success were the icing on the cakes as we already won the U9, U11, U13 & U15 categories last term, hence it was a Grand Slam for the badminton team! Thanks to all players and PE staff for all the help and teamwork.

Players : Amanda Yap, Joyce Ng, Wen Jing, Ashley Tan, Sandhya, Yee Mun, Stanley
Ong, Jonas Cheng, Melcom Yap, Mun Kit, Yue Hang, Choy Chi Jian.

ISKL Panther Athletics Invitational 

2019 proved to be a very disappointing Track & Field season for Team Thunder, finishing back in 5th place (Champions in 2017 and 3rd in 2018) especially when it came to Track. Although not perfect, the boys and girls can train for the field events at school and there has been a significant improvement in the numbers coming along after school on both Tuesdays and Thursdays. With ISKL being just around the corner and now having a brand new running track, we have been fortunate to have been invited to 3 seperate meets over the past month. Around 25/30 of our students have taken advantage of this opportunity and have gained valuable experience training in an excellent facility. 

The results have been mixed. We again look to be strong in the throwing and jumping events but there is still room for improvement on the track. The students and coaching staff will be striving to get the students ready for the KLSL Track meet on the 6th March at STadium MPAJ and the AIMS Track & Field Meet on March 19 in Nilai.

U13 Boys Basketball Friendly vs ISKL 

The U13 boys basketball squad of 32 players went to ISKL to play against their tB, C & D teams in the same category. Taylors Orange made a good start and scored some quick baskets. The boys ran an excellent man to man defense and were spot on all the time. However, in the last quarter, although they created some attacking opportunities but were unsuccessful and ISKL managed to win against us 24-19.

It was the same story on another two courts where TIS Red and white were up against two other ISKL teams. Team Red’s tried their best but their offensive moves did not bear fruitful results for the team and lost by 31-11. Although, Team White revived some hopes for Taylors and were giving good challenges to the opponents but luck did not favour them as well in a highly intense game and boys just lost by 11-10. Some of the boys played their first ever game and this exposure to the whole squad would definitely enrich them with some experience.

KLSL U9 Boys Red & White Football 

Red Thunder
SKIS 0 - 2 TISKL Red
The Reds first game was against SKIS and the boys started brightly enough. They were passing the ball around and creating a couple of chances, the SKIS goalkeeper making three good saves. The breakthrough came with Jayden grabbing the first goal and this was followed by a second from Gong Jay. A good performance from all the boys.

SJIIM (White) 3 - 0 TISKL Red
The second game was against the host school, St. Joseph’s, and this proved to be a difficult game for the Reds. Both Raouf and Jayden had one-on-one chances against the SJIIM goalkeeper but could not score. At the other end SJIIM managed to score with a couple of breakaways, weak tackling from the Reds defenders (just stabbing at the ball) allowing their player through on goal.

HIS 1 - 0 TISKL Red
This was another tight match which was decided by just a single goal. TISKL Red had a couple of good chances but could not convert them whilst HIS managed to get the once decisive goal.

With these results it meant that Red Thunder would be playing for either 5th or 6th place, and as the it happened they would be playing against Thunder White! The Reds dominated the possession with the Whites sitting back in defence playing on the counteract. In the end the Reds managed to break through the White’s defence twice with Raouf scoring both goals.
TISKL Red 2 - 0 TISKL White

Back row: Jimmy, Raouf, Dakshveer, Wasef, Zachery
Front row: Gong Jay, Jayden, Thomas, Yusuf, Andrey

KLSL U15 Girls Basketball 

We started off our first game of the season for the 15’s this year with AIMS. 2 wins and only 1 lost to KTJ in Round 1, we head up high for the KLSL. 6 schools competing this year; us, UCSI and King Henry VIII in Group A & Taylor’s International School Puchong, Help International School and Oasis International School in Group B. First match is against UCSI, they did give them pressure but the Thunder Girls managed to cope with it, played their best and won the game by 10-2. Next game against King Henry VIII, our girls kept on hustling till the last buzzer and won with a comfortable score of 20-4. Thus it made us the top in our grouping, which will play against the top from Group B for Finals.

Seeing our sister school at Finals, it did give impact to our girls since its the opponent’s Home and the crowd are all eyes on this finals but they started off nicely with a lot of steals, the D-defense and convert it to easy layups balls. A saying of “Offense wins games, but defense wins championships” made us in the lead with 17-7 till the final hooter. The girls’ hard work paid off and they secured the gold for KLSL U15 Girls Basketball Cup.

KLSL O15 Girls Netball 

Our O15 girls got their feet wet in their first fixture of the year. With a new team sans their seniors who were staple players, this fixture was a good opportunity for them to step up.

We started against the home team of SriKDU. A combination of jitters and a very strong opponent put the team on the back pedal. It took quite a bit for the team to lock in, even in the second match against St Joseph’s. We drew that game, but still managed to some out second in the group to go into semis.

That semi-final game against Taylor’s Puchong was where our team finally played at their best. They held possession, had clean passes throughout and our shooters were solid. This sent us right through the finals against SriKDU, again.

The home team proved to be too strong for our girls. With their speed and team chemistry, our girls could not find their rhythm. That said, they didn’t lose because of bad play - it was simply that the better team won. Coming away with a silver medal isn’t a bad start to the year, and we’re excited for more!

AIMS U13 Girls Basketball 

On the 20th of February, the U13 Girls had their AIMS Round 1 right here, at the Thunderdome. Feeling all nervous as the first game in the season, the girls head up high to play at the home court. Playing the first match against Nexus, they were a bit stumbling and lack of communication and passing within them. After a timeout, they started their engine right. All hustling, they won with 11-4. The second game is up against our sister school, Taylor’s Puchong. Having one state player from the opponents doesn’t make them scared at all, no pressure as they played bravely. They started to focus more and the teamwork they had is so amazing, made them in a lead with 17-8 until the end. Lastly against KTJ. They looked good in their perfect basketball jersey but that doesn’t make the girls lost their confidence at all and played their best till the end. Buckets from layups and some free throw made us won the match with 20-5. Perfect finishing of the day and they are al in a good form for their AIMS Finals this March.

AIMS U13 Boys Basketball 

The U13 boys battles tough in the first round of AIMS basketball hosted at TISP. Although, Team Thunder lost to the hosts in the very first game but the hunger to win the games did not stop them trying hard in the next two games. Taylor’s made a good comeback in the second match against KTJ and cruised through an easy victory showing excellent team defense.

Team Thunder needed to win the last game against NEXUS to qualify for the finals. The whole team made an exciting charge in the first half but eventually fell to the opponents in a close game 8-7. This unfortunate loss has taken away the team’s opportunity to be in the finals and now they will take part in the Plate finals in coming weeks.

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