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27 November 2019 - A wonderful closer for this season.

A wonderful closer for this season!

AFTER SCHOOL TRAINING 2019/20 - Term 2 (Jan - March)

Secondary Swimming - Mr.Ratcliffe (no training), competition’s taking place in February and March

All of the above are open to any Year 3 - 11 students except Primary Athletics. This is invite only. Places are given to those who excel in Athletics throughout PE lessons and T&F Day or previous Athletics squads. There is usually around 50 in the team so any more is extremely difficult to manage.


Any questions on any of the above please email Mr.Ratcliffe on: ratcliffe.chris@kl.tis.edu.my

U13 Boys Football Friendlies @ ISKL

The Orange & Red team had their final friendly match against a well drilled ISKL team. The Orange team tried their best to stop ISKL A from scoring but it was all in vain as ISKL scored 5 early goals and caught our players out cold. Playing on the turf football pitch is a huge advantage for them as well. Our players did their best in holding them to 0-0 draw in the 2nd half but it ended 5-0 nonetheless.

The 2nd match for team orange was team ISKL B which consisted of some of their ‘A’ team players. The Orange team scored 4 goals. With the 4 goals advantage, team orange got carried away resulting in conceding a foolish goal. Our boys were back on track as they scored another 2 goals in the 2nd half. They ended their match with a 7-2 score win. This has been their biggest scoreline for the season.

The boys know they have to work on their focus and fitness levels.

Team Red had a wonderful match. They played against ISKL ‘C’ in their first match. They had their 1st win with a 2-0 score. They listened and followed the gameplay which was set by their coach, Mr.Wong. ISKL tried their best and they came close to scoring only to be stopped by our goalkeeper with a masterclass diving save.

It was a different scenario for the 2nd match against ISKL ‘D’. Team Red scored their only goal with a superb shot from outside of the “D” box. We were trying to get more goals but fitness was an issue. Our players were exhausted in the 2nd half. ISKL ‘D’ took this advantage and went on a counterattack. Our defenders tried to chase but they were too far to chase. Our goalkeeper managed to block the shot but not the rebound as ISKL had more players in our D box. The match ended 1-1. Team Red will need to work more on their fitness level.

U14 & U16 Girls Netball vs Touring Singapore School 

Right after the Deepavali holidays, our U14 and U16 teams had their friendly with Jurong West Secondary School, Singapore who came to KL for their school educational trips. This was a great opportunity for the Thunder girls who are currently in their netball season to have some warm up games before the league started. The friendly match has been played at Thunderdome on the 31st October and the following is the final result for both teams:
U14 : (TISKL 22 - 13 JWSS)
U16 : (TISKL 16 - 16 JWSS)

All the best to our junior girls for the inaugural AIMS U13 Netball battle this weekend and also the senior girls to retain the championship of the KLSL U15 Netball tournament for four consecutive years in three weeks time.

AIMS U13 Boys Football Bowl 

It was their 1st competition for team White who consists mostly of Year 6 students. They went against host Tenby in their 1st match. They tried their best but luck was not on our side. We struck the post twice while Tenby just made a wild kick resulting in 3 early goals. We got our consolation goal at the very end of the match which was already too late.

Our second & third match was against BSKL ‘B’ and TIS Puchong. It was a very close match. Both teams were attacking and defending very well. We came close to score but it hit the post again. Due to confusion at the defence line, our opponent took advantage of it and scored the goal. We went down 0-1.
Our kids were determined to win and we only had our last match against Park city international school. A bit of a change in the position made a huge difference. This time we had scored 2 beautiful goals. The team had beautiful chemistry. We had a ball possession and the opponent can’t even get a shot at our goalkeeper. As time was reaching the end, the opponent started attacking our goalkeeper was on form for this match, making all wonderful saves. Our boys couldn’t hold the pressure and conceded 2 late goals resulting in a draw.
We are currently preparing for our next match and will ensure we get our first win.

As for Red Team, we starts of with confidence having won a few friendlies matches with ISKL team the previous weeks. First match was against HELP schools. We played with compose and controlled ball and managed to hold them to a 1 - 1, goal courtesy of Gagandeep our goal keeper who kicks the ball all the way towards the other end and scored!
Second games against IGB schools, due to some confusion and miscommunication by the defenders, IGB’s scored twice and we lose 0-2.
Determined to play in the semifinals later, we have to win both our remaining matches. We manage to beat ISP schools 1-0, goals with a first- timer kicks from Thinesh. But against BSKL schools ( eventually became champion ) we drew with them 1-1, goal again from Gagandeep who kicks the ball all the way towards the other end and scored again!

KLSL U11 Boys Basketball Cup 

A newly formed boys’ basketball team took part in the KLSL cup last week. Lionel and Zhin Hinn made a great contribution in all the games and the rest of the team supported by executing tight defense and some great passing. Despite all the hard work, the boys could not pull the victory for the team in the first two games and lost to TISP 20-13 and the host HIS 13-11 respectively. However, the boys made a good come back and won the last game against SJIIM 23-6 and won third place for the team. This experience was definitely beneficial for the team but the boys have to go a long way if they really want to make a great impact in U11 basketball.

AIMS U9 Boys Benchball Finals

The first game of the finals saw Team Thunder playing the home side - IGB. The boys kept the scoreboard ticking over and were never in a losing position though they did allow IGB to score some easy points. TISKL 13 - 7 IGB.
The second game against ISP was the best game of the competition and everybody stopped to watch the pulsating actions. I would venture to say that it is the best benchball game that I have seen in five years. Both sides played an attacking game, the score kept swapping back and forth between the teams and neither team managed to build more than a one point advantage. ISP were leading 8 - 7 with three minutes left but Team Thunder came back and went 9 - 8 ahead with two minutes to go. ISP managed to draw the game level at 9 - 9 and in the dying seconds they managed to score the winning point, Team Thunder having been pipped at the post 10 - 9.
After such an emotional game Team Thunder found it hard to pick themselves up and were 4 - 0 down in the first three minutes against HELP. They found it difficult to defend against the two “wingers” but managed to fight back but lost 14 - 10.

Having won one and lost two it meant that Team Thunder had to win the last game to stand any chance of winning a medal. To add wood to the fire, this game was against Puchong who were in the same situation as ourselves. Team Thunder took the lead but kept allowing TISPC to come back into the game and with just a couple of minutes left the game was 8 - 8. We then went into a 10 - 8 lead but let TISPC close the gap to one point with just a very nervous last minute left. Somehow Team Thunder managed to hold on and win 10 - 9 and thus securing the Bronze medal.
The competition was so even that the second, third and fourth teams all finished on the same points and the positions were only decided on the points difference.
Back row: Prowin, Masato, Gabriel, Raouf, Hara
Front row: Christopher, Aryan, Jayden, Aliff

AIMS U9 Girls Benchball Finals 

It was a great opportunity for our girls to play this game at our own ground, with all the support from the parents. Our first match was looking good when we played ISP. All of the players got their position ready just like we were trained. When we won this game, it was a bonus to our team that kept them motivated. Our second match was played straight after against Taylor’s Puchong. In this game, the focus was still there. They played well in attack but lack in defence. We were lucky when we won this game. Unfortunately, our girls started to when out of position in the third game. Even though we managed to win this game, we started to get worried and kept changing the players which we hope to give them some rest and time out but the last match told us everything. Our players were too focused on attacking to the extent they forgot to defend. There was when the opponent used that opportunity to scored. Overall, we finished third, despite most of the players were new to the game. Yet, we will lose some of them to basketball next year and the mission to find the apprentice continues. Well done girls and keep up the spirit.

U15 Girls Football KLSL (6th November @ SJIIM) 

Clear eyes, full hearts!

We may not have walked away with a medal this time, but our girls played with full hearts, never giving up until the whistle blew. The different playing conditions, i.e. an astroturf and much smaller field, proved to be too much of a challenge for our team to adapt fast enough to win the matches.

They started with a tough opponent, HELP, who were the eventual champions. The first half was shaky as they were still shaking off the nerves. Because of this, there were several slips in defence which cost them a goal, and a nervy shot on goal from striker Sarah that hit the goal post. The second half was much better, putting up a better fight against the opponents. A sliver of hope was restored when they won a free kick at front, centre of the field, with a minute left of play. Like a slow-motion movie scene, Leena shot a beautiful floating shot over the defence wall, only to hit the crossbar. Despite the loss, the team’s ability was undeniable, scoring compliments from the referee post match.

It was slightly challenging for the team to pick themselves up from the match and fight for the second against St Joseph’s. Even though our team kept more possession and had more shots on goal, careless mistakes early in the match lost them two fast goals in the first half. Evidently defeated and frustrated, the girls really had to find grit and fight in the second. The goal posts proved to be our number one enemy against our strikers this tournament, but Sarah got a goal in eventually.

The third match was against a very skillful SriKDU side. It ended in a nil-nil draw which showed just how strong our side was. It was a great tussle the whole game, our girls matching their skill, stamina and game play.

After a day of tough matches and loses, it was sweet to end with a win against MIGS. Despite their tired legs, the team showed great control of the ball, holding possession really well and making opposing goalie work really hard. Leena, who had been obviously frustrated the whole tournament, finally got her goal, blasting a shot in from just outside the 6-yard box.

The whole team was really gritty and played with their full hearts in this tournament. Midfielder Clarissa fiercely covered both ends of the field; Sofea moved the ball around her defenders so skilfully; Leena and Sarah never stopped trying for goal and fought for every ball; Maria and Amelia had to work really hard defending strikers and did so well to keep the ball out of the ‘home’ box; and Nadine committed to saving every shot that came at her. Our substitutes, Ayesha, Alia and Shellyana brilliantly stepped in when the team needed them too.

We walked away from the competition immensely proud of how we played, but also eager to work on areas that need improving. It was yet another opportunity to learn that when we play with clear eyes and full hearts, we can never lose.

KLSL U11 Girls Basketball Bowl 

On the 7th of November, we were up to host the U11 Girls Basketball KLSL Bowl where this year we also send 3 teams to compete for the fixtures. Ms. Bella and Ms. Iqa are in-charge for the teams.

Red Team
The second-best team for the U11 Girls Basketball Team in the school were so hyped for this Championship as last year’s Red Team won the Bowl. The first game against Mutiara International Grammar School (MIGS) was all okay for them, all hustle and good finishing made them in the lead with a 20-3 win. Next against HELP ‘B’ is also a good game, tight defense from these girls made the opponents struggle to attack. With layups and under basket shooting, the Red Team won the game easily with 18-4. Finals against the White Team and they have more advantages as their shooting percentages are higher and they have better dribbling skills compared to the White Team and they won comfortably with 19-2. Overall they repeat the history of winning 1st place for this Championship and that made us have a winning streak of 2 years in a row! Well done girls!

Coach : Ms. Bella
Team members : Megan, Maya, Aarini, Qaireen, Rezene, Chidchaya, Hayden, Marissa
Lee & Emily Kim

White Team  
It was their first game and they played at our own ground. For the first game, they played against the Black Team. This is the chance for them to do a warmup game before they played against other schools. At first, they looked so nervous. However, they managed to counter back their fear and won 10-4. The second game was up against SJIIM, where the level of ability looks the same. Both teams were great in attacking and defending. Hard luck, last-minute score by the opponents made them lost 8-6. Still putting their heads in the game, they determined to win the next game and the luck seems to be on their side as King Henry 8th and Sr KDU dropped out, thus made them in the finals against the Red Team. It was good to see they played their best despite their ability and losing 19-2 against the Red Team will be a good experience for them. Overall, all smiles on their faces and second place being the C Team is really a good benchmark for the girls. Good job girls!

Coach : Ms. Iqa
Team members : Niko, Rachita, Arielle, Niu Niu, Masouda, Anya Helena & Fariya

Black Team
It was their first game too in this season. This is more to the development of the team and this year they got the chance to play in the Thunderdome. Before the game, they looked so nervous. Everyone wanted to be the substitute first. They forgot to attack and even to defense half-court press. But after 4 minutes, they started to play better. They lost against the White Team with 4-10, but it was a really good fight as they didn’t give up and play all their hearts. They looked more confident to play for the second game against SJIIM. All out, they attacked and defended really well and made it for the win with 14-8. It was a great achievement as the White Team lost against them but the Black team won against them! They feel so satisfied and managed to feel both feelings of winning and losing. Overall, they got 4th place out of 8 teams.

Coach : Ms. Iqa
Team members : Xince, Nik Rania, Aisya, Claire, Lujaina, Anya Ray & Ferryn

KLSL U11 Boys Basketball Bowl 

The Red and White U11 Thunder teams made their debut in the Boys Basketball Plate hosted by IGB last week. Both the teams are really raw in their skills however they tried their best to apply man to man defense in all the games and were successful at times. Although both the teams could not win any game on that day but they have learnt a lot from this competition and are roaring to take part in the upcoming AIMS Bowl championship.

KLSL U13 Girls Football Bowl     

A very disappointing afternoon of football at Sri KDU as a mixed bunch of Orange and Red girls finally played some football. With only a few games played this season (at ISKL back in early October) the girls looked like they had forgotten all the basics. Game 1 vs King Henry VIII was played with full sized goals yet TISKL seemed to not want to shoot. KH8 only had one shot which GK Sylvia could do nothing about but it was enough to win 1-0 in what can only be described as a very ordinary game of football by anyone's standards. Next up were Puchong B who had brought their Primary team, even some 9 year olds who had played Benchball that week. TISKL went 2-0 up at half time goals from Maya G and Anshula, the speed and strength being too much for the much younger Puchong girls. The second half was another horror show as the girls fell asleep and conceded a goal which made all very nervous. They managed to hold on for the win but the performance was not what they needed to be legitimate Champions..
The penultimate games was vs MIGS who had only brough 6 girls. They’d just been beaten heavily by the hosts so they were down on confidence and parked the bus, and just defended for 14 minutes. They also changed GK which seemed to work as Team Thunder simply could not score in the first half. Goals from Maya G and Anshula in the second half did mean they come away victorious.
Somehow, this meant that if the Thunder girls beat the hosts Sri KDU in their final game they would somewhat unfairly be crowned Champions. This game did pick up in intensity and the girls finally got some rhythm. Playing with a size 5 football certainly didn’t help as it was much harder to control! A defensive error allowed KDU to score in the first half and as much as the girls tried, they just couldn’t get the equaliser.
With two wins and two losses the girls lost out on third place to KH8 courtesy of the Head to Head defeat in Round 1. A bad day at the office for the girls. On the plus side, they got to play ‘babysitter’ with coach Mr.Ratcliffe’s daughter, Maya, the youngest member of Team Thunder.

KLSL O15 Boys Volleyball 

Due to the IGCSE exams going on, the majority of O15 players had to miss the KLSL O15 Volleyball championships and U15 boys replaced them. The games were hosted at TISP and the other participants were SJIIM, HELP, Taylor’s Orange and Red.

Team Red started the games with great energy levels but error riddled attacks combined with some mistakes in the defense caused them to lose all the games.
Team Orange, on the other hand, made a good start against TISP and took the lead in the beginning. But the euphoria of leading the scores did not last long and Team orange found them in trouble due to some unfamiliar errors in the game. The boys lost to TISP in straight sets 2-0
Team Orange started off well in the next game against SJIIM and were playing some amazing ball and won the game 2-1.
Help seem to have a great volleyball team and Taylor’s struggled against them right from the beginning. Team Thunder seems with no reply against HELP’s attacks lost by 2-0 and finished 4th overall in the tournament.

AIMS U9 Boys & Girls Benchball Bowl 

TISKL Red U9 Boys Team  

After several months of training and dedication 8 talented benchball players were selected and made up the TISKL Red U9 Boys Team. Gong Jay took the lead and gathered up the team for a pre tournament team talk and showed his leadership on the court too. Adam and Azraf used their quickness to throw, run and receive the ball again along the court and made a quick switch to defence when needed. Aryan and Edmond were there to block and intercept the ball from the opposing team. Khaleel began each match with positive vibes and motivational phrases for his team and on court he was an all rounder, defending and attacking. Zhen Lim had great spacing, positioning himself near the bench to score those valuable goals. Finally, Alex, our youngest team member from Year 2 ran on court with enthusiasm and fresh energy for the last minutes of each game. Together they made a great team, they won all three of their games and achieved 1st place position of Group A. Then they went on to play in the finals against the winners of Group B, Help Boys U9 Team. Unfortunately, they lost the match in the final minutes, coming 2nd out of 7 teams. This was a fantastic achievement, I can only imagine bigger and better things for these 8 young athletes!

TISKL Red U9 Girls Team

This match was the second game for them to play but this time they played at our own ground. It was a good opportunity for them because they knew the lines that we use in the game. Basically, it was only one team (red team) but we were lucky one team did not turn up on that day. After discussed with Azlinda, we make it into two teams (red and white teams). Both teams only have 5 players with no sub. For the first game for red’s team against Puchong, they looked so nervous and did not played well at first 3 minutes. They kept standing behind the opponents and just let the ball out. After they scored their first goal, they felt motivated again. However, we lose to Puchong 4-10. Second game was against Tenby. It was a good game. They started to spread out and get the ball. We won 8-4 and we went for the final (3rd and 4th place). Meanwhile for the first game for white’s team, they won 13-0 to ISP. It was a good start for this team. They played well in attack and defence. Everything was good for their first game. For their second game against HELP, they started to lose focus again. They too focused on attacking and forgot to defence the opponents. However, both teams went to final for 3rd and 4th place.

KLSL U13 Boys Football Bowl

Team Red & White consist of all the Year 6 students mostly who represented the school in the U11 football team. This was due to the secondary students who were out on their enrichment trip. Our boys didn’t show any signs of scared as they went against MIGS, King Henry 8 Collage & Taylor International Puchong who were much bigger in size than our boys.

Team Taylors ‘White’ came in second place after losing to TISP 2-0. The other match we saw team white beat KH8, with a 2-1 score. It was a neck to neck match against MIGS, which saw us equalising 2-2 from the final whistle.

Team Red on the other hand was equally as strong as team white. They went down in their 1st match against MIGS 4-0 and ensured that will be their only lost for this competition. They drew against TISP 1-1, and KH8 1-1. They only manage to get 4th position as the goal difference and points did not allow them to get 3placing. It was a really good exposure for most of the boys as some of them are still eligible to play in U11 next season.

We will have to work on their fitness and goal scoring.

AIMS U11 Girls Basketball Bowl 

Last Wednesday on the 13th of November, we went to BSKL Petaling Jaya for AIMS U11 Girls Basketball Bowl. This year we also managed to send 3 teams; Red, White and Black Team.

Red Team
The Red Team full blasts with their energy as they just won KLSL Bowl League last week. Aiming to win the final Trophy for the AIMS Bowl, they focussed and managed to show great performance for the round robin games. Leading all matches comfortably, they walked in the finals against the Winner of the other pool which is Tenby. Both teams seems exhausted and they were equal in ability of attacking and defending. Last 1 minute, the luck seems to be with us when one of the girls try to shoot and a shooting foul by Tenby made us in the lead with 1 point. Overall, they won all games and managed to bring back the trophy for AIMS Bowl this year! All their hard work paid off, well done girls!

Full results : Taylor’s Thunder Red vs Taylor’s Thunder Black 8-4
Taylor’s Thunder Red vs BSKL A 6-1
Taylor’s Thunder Red vs ISP A 15-2
Taylor’s Thunder Red vs BSKL C 10-1
Taylor’s Thunder Red vs Tenby 5-4

Coach : Ms. Bella
Team members : Aarini, Qaireen, Rezene, Chidchaya, Hayden, Marissa Lee & Nico

White Team
Won the first game, it went well although they quite nervous for their first game on that day. During warming up session, Anya Helena twisted her own finger when she tried to get the ball and it became swollen. At last, she cannot play at all for the matches.Thus, we only leave with 6 players but it is not a big deal as these girls are motivated to play their best. First match we won 4-2 against BSKL. The first 2 minutes they still confused about the lines and half court press. Second game we won 7-6 with HELP. On the third game, the players started to lose focus and forget to defend the opponents. Third game we won 8-6 to ISP and for the last game we lose to TENBY 6-8. We got the same points with HELP, but our white team managed to step in into the final after the officiate count the head to head points. For the final match (3rd and 4th place) we were against TISKL Black. They were too exhausted to play for final. Everyone started to lose focus for the finals. They got the chance to get the ball but no one wanted to score and they keep passing to each other. Lack of defence was the main reason their lose to TISKL Black. They just finished at 4th place.
Coach : Ms. Iqa
Team members : Arielle, Niu Niu, Masouda, Anya Helena, Fariya, Manaal & Jemi

Black Team
The Black Team showed an impressive improvement in the AIMS this year! Being the D Team, the girls got so much to improve but the best thing about them; they are willing to learn and eager for the ball to attack the hoop. They will not give up until the last buzzer went off. The finals seeing both Taylor’s Thunder played against each other made them less nervous. They wanted to prove they can do better and they did! Winning against the C’s made them more motivated to keep on playing sports and believe that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Congratulations girls!

Full results : Taylor’s Thunder Black vs Taylor’s Thunder Black 4-8
Taylor’s Thunder Black vs BSKL A 6-4
Taylor’s Thunder Black vs ISP A 12-8
Taylor’s Thunder Black vs BSKL C 8-7
Taylor’s Thunder Black vs Taylor’s Thunder White 14-4

Coach : Ms. Bella
Team members : Nik Rania, Aisya, Claire, Lujaina, Anya Ray & Ferryn

AIMS U11 Boys Basketball Bowl

A busy week of basketball saw Taylor’s U11 ‘Red’ boys taking part in AIMS Basketball Plate at Tenby International School. The boys kept their work rate high in the first game against Tenby ‘B’ and showed good defense in a keenly contested match in the first half of the game. However, the hosts managed to get advantage of Taylor’s fouls in the second half and won the game 9-4.
In the next game against BSKL ‘B’ the boys put in their great effort, showed some great passing along with their movement with speed on the court helped the boys to create numerous opportunities to score and won the game 5-4.

With one win and one defeat, Taylor’s were up against HELP for the 3rd and 4th place game where Team Thunder were leading by 4-0. However, towards the end of the game HELP managed to score two quick baskets and level the scores up. It was less than two minutes left for the game and Team Thunder created three opportunities to score but unfortunately missed all. On the other hand, Help managed beat Taylor’s defence and scored the winning basket 6-4 and Taylor’s finished 4th overall in the AIMS Bowl championship.

AIMS U13 Boys Football Plate 

We travel to IGB for our final match of the U13. We had to mix some of the Red & White team players as the main players were on the enrichment trip. Most of these players were still recovering from their previous match at MIGS.

Playing in IGB is not an easy game as the pitch was more towards an adult 7’aside size. Our kids tried their best and emerged 3place. Losing to home team, IGB (2-0) and SJIIM (1-0).

It was a good learning experience for our players as they started to think and play instead of getting instruction from the coach. This helps the coach to get an early preparation for the U11 team as 4 out of 9 players are U11 players.

Congratulations for the U11 players and for the U13 players, we will try again next season.

AIMS U13 Girls Football Plate 

Due to a calendar clash a much changed U13 girls headed to Tenby for their AIMS Plate minus the whole Orange team who were on enrichment week activities. With only 6 players, all from Year 6 including; Sanjana on debut, Asiya playing for the first time this season, Maya and Megan from the U11 and Maisy and Van Yi from the U13 Red, it was going to be a tough afternoon. Thankfully all the coaches agreed to play 6 a’side which made things a little easier and all the girls would take turns in being the goalkeeper.

First up were KTJ who had former TISKL student Nadia in their team. To make things worse she scored the opening goal from the penalty spot, one of 4 penalties we conceded on the evening (never conceding a penalty in 6 years of girls football shows you that something was wrong!). 4-0 down at half time sounds like a beatdown but both teams had 5 shots apiece, KTJ proving more clinical. The second half was just as even in terms of possession but this time also on the scoreboard as both teams scored twice, Maya getting both TISKL goals but it ended 6-2 to KTJ. Next up where ISP and again it proved a game of two halves. This time though ISP dominated the first half to go 3-0 up. Another penalty which should never have been given, sadly common sense was not on show made it 4-0 before Maya and Maisy both scored to give the Taylor’s girls hope. A 5th ISP goal made it 5-2 but another second half draw.
The final game for the girls was the host team Tenby who had two big wins against KTJ and ISP. Again the girls played their hearts out despite having no rest with no substitutes. They went 2-0 down at half time with Maya saving yet another awarded penalty. The fourth penalty was awarded and converted but Megan pulled one back and for the third consecutive game the girls had lost the first half but drew the second half.
Well done to the girls for fulfilling the fixture’s.

AIMS O15 Girls Football 

This was it. The last competition of the season, the last time our Year 11 girls would get to play with their team before they graduate. We may not have come out on top, but we came away proud and grateful for the sport of football.

The battles at Tenby started with a match against a very formidable BSKL squad. Our goalie, Ai Xin was put straight to work from the starting whistle, blocking shots from a very tactical and skilful team. Even then, the whole team banded together to keep the ball out, fighting hard to push back their forwards. We played really well, only losing by one goal.

Next up was TISP. By this time, the sun was on full blast, making conditions extra hot and humid, therefore slowing down the movements of the players. Even so, it didn’t stop our star forwards from executing a beautiful set play - Sarah sending a wonderful cross from the right for Leena to tap in from front of goal.

This win placed us second on our group, therefore sending us into the 3rd-4th place match against the home team, Tenby. And what a tight, gritty match it was. It was a push and shove throughout the whole game and our girls fought until the very end. There were some chances created from midfielders Natalie and Sofea, but our forwards just couldn’t convert. Our defenders, Sophie, Shungy and Ameera did exceptionally well protecting home base. At the end, it was a brutal penalty shoot out that decided the victor. Our brave goalie and three takers stepped up to the plate taking on this nerve-wrecking challenge. The nerves got the best of our players and we lost out to the hosts.

It was a very tough pill to swallow and it was not a reflection of how we played the match at all. It wasn’t the way we would have wanted to go out - that being said, we are proud. The girls played great football, and they gave their all. You can’t ask for much more than that.

AIMS U13 Girls Netball 

On Saturday the 16th November, three U13 teams inclusive of 29 girls headed to IGB for the inaugural AIMS U13 Netball Tournament. TISKL Orange has been placed in Group1 together with GIS B, TISPC and SJIIM whereas the TISKL Red and TISKL White were both in Group2 in conjunction with GIS A, HELP and Nexus. The following is the results for all three teams in the grouping stage:

Team Orange
Won 5-1 vs TISPC
Lost 3-4 vs SJIIM
Won 10-1 vs GIS B

Team Red
Won 8-0 vs TISKL White
Lost 5-3 vs NEXUS
Lost 6-2 vs GIS A
Lost 2-10 vs HELP

Team White
Lost 0-8 vs HELP
Lost 0-5 vs NEXUS
Lost 0-8 vs TISKL Red
Lost 1-8 vs GIS A

After finish second in Group1, team Orange had to play against the Group2 winner which was HELP in the semi-final. The girls have to win this match in order for them to qualify for the final. With so much pressure, team Thunder did not start very well in the first half which has given HELP a chance to lead 1-0. With a little swapped in the lineup, team Orange has gotten back in the game and managed to level the score and luck was on our side when the last shot was taken just a few seconds before the timer went off, the semi-final ended up we won 2-1.

To win the AIMS trophy, team Orange had no choice other than playing the final match against SJIIM (Group1 winner) after they have beaten NEXUS in the other semi-final. As expected, the final match went very tight, Thunder girls fought their best to revenge the defeat in the grouping stage. The neck to neck match finished tied four all in full time. This has pushed the girls to play 4minutes extra time. Credit to Ethel who had the rebound ball when the SJIIM shooter missed her first attempt in extra time. A beautiful feeding from the team captain Natalie Lai was successfully converted by Megan and this has putted us up with only a point different. This time, team Orange was not shaky with the SJIIM supporters who have given them so much pressure from outside the court. Shout out to Noela our youngest player on court who has scored additional goal to give us 6-4 victory.

Congratulations to the TISKL Orange girls to win the very first AIMS U13 Netball trophy and ended up this season with two trophies. Not to forget, well done to both TISKL Red (finished 5th) and TISKL White (finished 9th) players which most of them were still U12 to experience playing netball for the first time this year. Hopefully, they could repeat the success of team Orange next year.

Team Orange Player: Nicole, Megan, Ethel, Isabelle, Ayuni, Noela, Beatricia, Melisa, Natalie and Humaira

Team Red Player: Anshula, Sandhya, Ruhani, Lazima (Yr6), Loria, Hayley, Shanna, Aanchal and Hui Xin

Team White Player: Amira, Li Yen, Irene, Chloe, Amara, Ameera, Jade (Yr6), Moukthikaa, Natalie and Chinta (Yr6).

Coach: Ms. Yati

AIMS Primary Swimming 

A smaller squad than usual headed over to IGB for the annual AIMS (formerly KLISS) Swim meet. The boys and girls all tried their best and plenty of Personal Best’s were brokens and a few highly prized medals. The team finished 6th overall which isn’t bad considering the teams they finished above both have swimming pools and swim coaches (we have neither). Sadly, with no swimmers in many events (especially U11 girls) this meant valuable points were lost. Even if we had finished last in each of those races, we could have gone as high as 4th or 5th. The next Primary Meet is on April 21st for KLSL, hopefully we have more sign up for the trials. To those who turned up this time, congratulations and keep practicing and if not already done so, join a club. This is the only way you will improve significantly.


1st - HELP Hurricanes
2nd - SJIIM
3rd - Taylor's Puchong Lightning
4th - IGB Phoenix
5th - KTJ
6th - Taylor's KL Thunder
7th - Tenby Eagles
8th -Nexus Wolves

AIMS U11 Boys Basketball Plate 

The U11 ‘Orange’ boys clinched the boys basketball plate championship last week at IGB and finished the season with great success where they beat all their opponents IGB 17-10, SJIIM 24-6 and Nexus 17-8. Lionel played and instrumental role in all the games and scores most of the points for the team. The boys showed great movements on the court and put up a good defense to restrict all the teams to narrow down the gap in the scores and emerged the plate champions.

AIMS U11 Girls Basketball Cup 

It was a pretty disappointing fixtures this time as our girls seems to have a very hard luck from the start. Starting off against our sister’s school, they seemed more eager this time but all the lay ups didn’t went in, the ball keeps bouncing back at the hard back board and we lost 6-4 against them. Looking forward for the next round, we met the Home’s team and again, we lost 13-10 but they fought really hard and didn’t even give up until the last buzzer. Last round seeing us against Tenby, where one massive girl had the same height the coach, all she needs to do is tip-toed and put the ball in the basket. A 14-4 lost made us the 4th place of the Finals round. All good, nothing to regret, they played their best despite of everything. The girls team managed to get 3 out of 4 trophy this year for the U11 Girls Basketball and that is such a huge improvement for the girls and the school! Well done girls!

Coach : Ms. Bella
Team players : Maya, Megan, Sara Fujita, Natalie Koh, Yan Toong, Rania, Mikayla,
Aarini, Qaireen & Mayra

KLSL U9 Boys Benchball Cup 

Team Thunder first game was against Sri KDU and this proved to be the easiest of the games and a good warm up for what was to come. All the boys got to play and they dominated from the start, winning the game 19 - 1.
Second game in the tournament was against SJIIM and again Team Thunder managed to dominate the game but this time they were not as thorough. In defence the boys were at times sloppy and allowed SJII to get some easy points, the final score being 14 - 8.
Having won the first two games meant that Team Thunder were guaranteed at least a medal but what colour was the question. In the third game we faced the host school - HELP. Having played them in the previous competition we knew how good they were. Team thunder started strong and took the lead, only for HELP to equalise due to an inaccurate pass. This happened again and the score was 2 - 2. After that Team Thunder fell apart and couldn’t defend against the home team, allowing them to win the game comfortably 17 - 4.
Now it was down to the final game against TISPC, this was to decide who would win silver. As in the last competition both teams were very competitive and also very evenly matched. Points were traded between both teams and in the end the final score was 7 - 7.
As with the last competition there was a tie for second and third place and the medals were decided on the points difference, TISKL and TISPC had both won two, drawn one and lost one. In the end Team Thunder ended up with the Bronze medal, that’s twice now that they have just failed to get silver.

Back row: Gabriel, Prowin, Khaleel, Raouf
Front row: Christopher, Aryan Hariz, Aliff, Aryan Sathe, Jayden

KLSL U15 Girls Netball 

Team Orange
As the U15 KLSL Girls Netball Bowl clashed with enrichment week, all three Thunder teams (Orange, Red and White) have to play in the Cup that took place at Thunderdome, home of the Thunder team on the 19th November.

TISKL Orange
Nothing much to say for the Orange team as they won every single game pretty straight forward in the grouping stage: 9-2 vs HELP, 12-1 vs FISKL and 10-1 vs their junior, team White. Just like last year, both of Taylor's schools, TISKL Orange and TISP finished top in the grouping stage, they have to battle to seize the trophy again this year. The first half of the game started very intensely but our girls managed to lead with two points different 6-4. Well done to the Orange team in maintaining the momentum and good sporting spirits until the final whistle blew, with 11-4 score, team Thunder has been crown as champion in the U15 KLSL Girls Netball for four consecutive years. Congratulations girls. 

Player: Eunice, Alyssa Wong, Leena A, Hayley, Sarah Ann and Joyce, Erina, Yuen Jin, Reshika, Gladys, Zi-Er and Rachel

Coach: Ms. Yati

It was a good opportunity for them to involve in this game. There were only 9 players in white team. They were in Group A together with TISKL Orange, HELP and FISKL. As expected, for the first game, they lose to TISKL Orange 1-10. A huge number of score but they tried their best in that game. Second game, they lose one goal to HELP 2-3. Defend players did a very good job to defend the opponents but hard luck for them to win. Third game they lose to FISKL 5-3. Lack of attacking and defending for that game and a lot of mistakes made were the reasons they lose to them even though we were leading 3-0 for first half. They just finished 7th place after won with SRI KDU 6-1. They gained a lot of experienced through this game. They need to train more on attacking and defending in game after this. Keep it up the spirit girls!

KLSL U9 Girls Benchball Cup 
Wonderful closer for this season. 15 U9 girls played for this game, with 2 teams, the Orange and the Red team. It was not easy for Ms Iqa and Ms Azlinda to ref and manage the team at the same time but due to some experience gained, the players are much independant during this match. During this match, both Orange and Red team played well with more defend and no unnecessary mistakes. Infact, we got more ‘free ball’ due to mistakes made by the opponent. Apart then the game with TIS Puchong, our players had less pressure in this round. Substitute was made to ensure everyone got a chance to play. Support and cheers from the parent really helps them in the game. Everyone was happy with their performance. Overall, the Orange team got 1st place and the Red team got 3rd place.

Orange Team
Puchong vs TISKL Orange 10-9
TISKL Orange vs TISKL White 10-9
HELP vs TISKL Orange

Lose 1 Won 3 (1st place)

Red team
SJIMM vs TISKL White - 5-11
TISKL Orange vs TISKL White 10-9
TISKL White vs HELP 6-10
Puchong vs TISKL White 7-10

Lose 2 won 2 (3rd Place)

AIMS U11 Boys Basketball Trophy  

Due to the haze the previous week and school finishing the following day, a hastily rearranged competition took place at TISKL. Nexus and Puchong were unable to attend so ISP brought 4 teams and TISKL had two.
Team White were hoping to do well but struggled to hit their baskets, winning one and losing one in their group. Team Black on the other hand won 1 and drew 1 meaning they went into the Final. White lost a thriller 6-5 to ISP D to finish 4th and Team Black went down 10-0 in the final to finish runners up. It was great to see so many boys playing for the school so well done to both schools for including all in their basketball programmes.

Chris Ratcliffe
Director of Sport

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