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We need to continue to be careful and follow the SoP.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have all the students back in school and therefore we all need to continue to be careful and follow the SoP. Below is a quick reminder that the SoP has not changed and we are still promoting the basic practices that we have all become used to.

  • Physical distancing. Please remind you children that keeping a metre apart helps reduce the possible transmission of a virus.
  • Wearing facemasks when with others. In the corridors and open areas of the school, facemasks are compulsory, In the classroom away from others, then it is possible to remove the mask, but the schools recommendation is to keep it on.
  • Washing hands - this continues to be an essential part of keeping the virus away. Each room has sanitiser, and students are encouraged to use it.

We realise that out of school some of the practices are starting to lapse but I urge everyone to keep these simple practises going for your own safety and that of others.

Please also remember that if your child shows any symptoms of illness, please keep them off school and if necessary consult a doctor.

Drop off and collection of students

Now that we are returning the normal number of students in school, the traffic has unfortunately returned to normal. With this in mind, please can I remind everyone to think of others when they are in the school campus

  • Please do not park indiscriminately - ONLY use the designated parking spaces
  • Please be aware that we have hundreds of cars coming through the car park in a short amount of time and act accordingly
  • Please wear a mask at all times when out of your car
  • Please respect the physical distancing to others around you
  • It is important to keep the exit gate of the school clear, so that students can leave school safely.
  • Please follow the instructions of our security guards who will be trying to ensure the flow of traffic is continuous and smooth

We have also had complaints from residents in the housing area about parents who are indiscriminate in their parking. Please do not park in front of someone's gates, and refrain from double parking as this is causing traffic to back up to the main road.

Food in School

Students can bring their own food into school in the morning, but please make sure that it is halal. Food deliveries are still prohibited, and this includes deliveries from parents.
Please see below for the link to the pre order food from Cezar’s Kitchen.

Cezars Kitchen

Some students particularly in Secondary are coming down to collect food that they have not ordered. Please remember to place the order at least 24 hours before the desired day.
The October menu has just been uploaded. 

Peter Wells

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