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11 November 2019 - Message From The Head Of Secondary

Transition Programme Year 6 to Year 7 2019

From the 4th - 6th November, Monday to Wednesday, all the Year 6 students from the Primary Section and new students transferring from other schools joined in our Transition Programme. The main objectives of the programme were to assist the students to build a new sense of belonging in the secondary school and address the need to familiarise with the way of life in secondary school.

To make the first connections engaging, students were welcomed into their new homeroom and greeted by their homeroom tutors. The activities planned for ice-breaking gave opportunities for the tutors to build belonging and promote the importance of transition, focusing on timetables, rules and handing out of the reflection booklets. The RECIPE was embedded in the time spent together through discussion and activities. Students too were introduced other key personnel within secondary school.

As claimed by some students " transition was fun," which emphasised the Secondary School’s intention of giving a real taste for what can be expected. A lot of positive feedback given to the homeroom tutors is motivation to ensure future transition programmes lead to happy and settled .

Guidance Head

A teacher for a day!

Year 7S and 7L students enjoy teaching. They designed the lesson plans, activities, and taught the class.
Through inquiry based learning, students are given opportunities to engage in meaningful work worthy of their time and connected to the world in which they live. They also moved beyond memorising information to demonstrate a deep understanding of the concepts.


The Brain’s Natural Learning System (BNLS) implemented in BM classes

Students reinforced learning in BM by connecting with social, emotional, implicit, cognitive, physical and reflective aspects of the subjects to help with engagement and understanding deeply by:

Social – mixing groups to discuss responses
Emotional – students express their answers and think about whether it is correct, acceptable or not.
Implicit – students use information/vocabulary around the classroom and from their friends
in the group which helps them to take in knowledge from their surroundings.
Cognitive – when they move from station to station – students maximise learning time by thinking about their own answers and sentences, knowing they will compare these at the next station.
Physical – move from station to station, engages the physical and enables the brain to associate movements with learning.
Reflection – students give feedback from the answers written on that particular station. Thinking about the reasons for these responses. They award marks/points to answers given.

Pn. Halimahtun

The school garden for science

At the beginning of the term, Science teachers brought in seeds and encouraged their classes to plant Bok Choy (a kind of leafy vegetable). The classes were overjoyed with the results and were able to harvest their hard work, dedication, cooperation, and enthusiasm. The school garden is an amazing place to learn about what science and the natural world are all about including where the food we eat comes from.

Ms.Rachel Chong

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