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11 November 2019 - Message From The Sports Director
KLSL U15 Boys Red & White Football - Mr.Sarveas
The Red & White teams travel to Puchong for their KLSL U15 Boys football match. It was a good experience for the kids as they hadn’t had much training recently due to the unpredictable weather. 

 Team Red had a shaky start against OASIS. They conceded an early goal. It took them 5 minutes to get back into the game but time got the better of us. The boys had plenty of shots at goal but it was all direct to the goalkeeper. They came really close to scoring at the very last minute, but luck was not on their side as the ball stopped on the line allowing the defender to clear it so they started with a 1-0 defeat. The second match was up against TISPC. The boys needed to win the match to qualify for the next round and TISPC needed a win as well to be top in the group or they will be out. Again we conceded an early goal due to an error by the goalkeeper. We came back with a goal and we were trying to get the 2nd goal. The defenders were caught off guard as all near the half-line trying to get a chance to score. This gives a chance to TISP forward who was all by himself to score a goal from a clearance kick by TISPC defender. TISPC scored their 3rd goal due to an error by the goalkeeper. We lost the match 3-1. 

Team white, on the other hand, was more confidence. Their 1st match against King Henry Collage was a neck to neck match. Both teams had their chances to score but it was King Henry Collage who took the chance. They were defending the whole time after they got the only goal of the match. We had a few shots as the closest was hitting the crossbar and the right pole. We lost the match 1-0. Just like team red, our last match was crucial. We played against MIGS. They were a much better-prepared team and some of the boys were overaged. We didn’t allow the champion team to walk away easily on us. A few changes in the tactical really gave them a hard time. We almost scored at the 4th minute but the ball went over the bar. MIGS scored its only goal at the very last minute. Even with the lost, our boys were proud as they didn’t go down easily.
AIMS U9 Boys Orange Benchball - Mr.Victor
In the first game, Taylor’s Thunder met their nemesis - Puchong, and the game started very even with both sides trading points. At 5 - 5, for some reason, Team Thunder decided to change tactics and started to throw speculative long passes that were being picked off by Puchong and punished as they took the lead out to 11 - 6. The boys fought back but could not overtake Puchong who won the game 16 - 11. 

In the second game, against KTJ, Team Thunder was a lot more clinical and having taken the lead they never took their foot off the pedal and won the game comfortably 20 - 7. Raouf was Man of the Match with an all-round performance, intercepting the ball on several occasions and leading the charge forward. 

The third game was a continuation of the second game with Team Thunder keeping possession and the scoreboard ticking over. Everyone played their part and Team Thunder qualified for the finals with a 13 - 4 win against Nexus.

AIMS U9 Girls Orange Benchball - Ms.Azlinda
The U9 girls were so lucky when we got to play home for this match. For some of the players, these are their very first game. We did train for it but it was not the same when we played other schools. The first game we played against Nexus helps to build their confidence when we won by massive different 17-1. But it was too early to celebrate. We had TISPC on the second game. This was the time when our players felt a bit down when they lost in size. All the balls passed to them was taken away by all the big girls from Puchong. We couldn’t even defense. We lost this game but luckily we have one more match with KTJ. We knew we needed to do our best in order to get into the final and yes we did. Same as Nexus, we won by big points with 17-3. We are happy to be able to play at the final but we will meet TISPC one more time. Hope we can figure out ways to pass the ball around the big girls.
AIMS XC - Chris
Monday 4th November saw 90 students (predominantly from the Primary School) head over to MARDI for the annal XC meet hosted by Nexus. With a couple of new schools attending, SJIIM and MKIS and BSKL missing, there was lots of aura around who would do well. Many of the students had been training hard with Mr.Ratcliffe and Ms.Carol since June so they were confident of success. Other’s, especially the majority of the Secondary turned up with very little preparation, something you cannot do in this sport. That said, it was a very successful day for most, apart from poor Osama in the U13 boys race who was tripped only 40m from the start line, conveniently right next to the first aid tent! Results were as follows (the aim is to have as few points as possible, 1st place = 1 point, 23rd place = 23 points etc. Only your top 6 runners scores are included):

U9 Girls Results: 
1st place - ISP 60 points 
2nd place - TISKL 80 points 
3rd place - Tenby 175 points 
(the aim is to have the least amount of points) 

Individual results - 60 runners (top 10 get medals, which I hopefully will get soon) 
7th - Lelia 
8th - Catherine 
11th - Courtney 
13th - Lina 
14th - Kavya 
27th - Laashya 
29th - Daphne 
30th - Christina 
43rd - Eva 
51st - Fatema 
54th - Evangeline 
57th - Klara 
58th - Alia 

U9 Boys Results: 
1st Place - ISP 24 points 
2nd Place - Puchong 96 points 
3rd Place - Tenby 208 points 

 TISKL - 5th place (237 points) 

Individual Results - 82 runners 
16th - Samuel 
37th - Suhaan 
41st - Zi Jaye 
45th - Jonathon 
48th - Juven 
52nd - Palaash 
53rd - Alex 
67th - Zheng Ik 
68th - Vedant 
76th - Justice 
78th - Madhav 

U10 Girls Results: 
1st Place - ISP 58 
2nd Place - Tenby 80 
3rd Place - TISKL 117 

Individual Results: 46 runners 
8th - Vaiesshnevy 
12th - Natalie 
19th - Aarini 
29th - Krista 
31st - Anu 
41st - Leia 

 U10 Boys Results: 
 1st Place - ISP 36 
2nd Place - TISKL 125 
3rd Place - Tenby 178

Individual Results: 60 runners 
4th - Isaac 
6th - Umar 
15th - Darius 
17th - Deron 
38th - Nicolas 
46th - Zhen Song 
47th - Terrance 
52nd - Dylan 
53rd - Edry 
54th - Mikhael 
58th - Alex 

U11 Girls Results: 
1st Place - ISP 64 
2nd Place - Tenby 92 
3rd Place - TISKL 108 

Individual results: 44 runners 
2nd - Kanya 
8th - Sara F 
18th - Kameela 
21st - Rezene 
28th - Reanna 
31st - Chidchaya 

 U11 Boys Results: 
1st Place - ISP 52 
2nd Place - Mont Kiara 61 
3rd Place - TISKL 111 

Individual Results: 71 runners 
4th - Mann 
6th - Hyo Won 
12th - Donald 
22nd - Ryan G 
41st - Elvis 
43rd - Scott 
44th - Ethan 
46th - Zhi Hin 
56th - Elliot 
58th - Joe Hin 
59th - Mohniiesh 
60th - Faiz 
61st - Rudy 
67th - Taran 
68th - Lik Herng 

U13 Girls Results: 
1st - ISP 64 
2nd - Tenby 101 
3rd - Nexus 131 
4th - TISKL 143 

Individual Results: (46 runners) 
10th - Maisy 
13th - Katrina 
26th - Lisa 
29th - Van Yi 
31st - Shu Lyn 
34th - Ha Eun 
35th - Asiya 
39th - Jade 
43rd - Chloe 

U13 Boys Results: 
1st - ISP 56 
2nd - TISKL 125 
3rd - Nexus 165 

Individual Results: 65 runners 
6th - Zen Vinn 
7th - Peter 
8th - Zen Vier 
27th - Kae Sern 
38th - Lennox 
39th - Hamza 
51st - Stanley 
59th - Pavan Osama - Injured in action 

U15 Girls Results: 
1st - ISP 45 
2nd - Puchong 138 
3rd - TISKL 172 

Individual Results: 36 runners 
5th - Erina 
21st - Clarissa 
23rd - San Yi 

U15 Boys Results: 
1st - ISP 62 
2nd - Puchong 100 
3rd - Tenby 108 
6th - TISKL 223 

Individual Results: (71 runners) 
13th - Melcom 
19th - Sean 
24th - Christopher 
53rd - David 

Overall Results: 
Primary U9, U10 & U11 combined: 
1st - ISP 293 
2nd - Taylor's Thunder 780 
3rd - KTJ 1022 
4th - Nexus 1135 
5th - Puchong 1289 
6th - Tenby 1375 
7th - Mont Kiara 1380 
8th - IGB 1718 
9th - SJIIM 1842 
10th - HELP 2213 

Secondary U13 & U15 combined: 
1st - ISP 227 
2nd - KTJ 443 
3rd - TISKL 663 
4th - Nexus 730 
5th - Puchong 864 
6th - Tenby 886 
7th - HELP 892 
8th - Mont Kiara 1187 
9th - SJIIM 1291 
10th - IGB 1463

These were our best ever results, usually we finish around 5th position. A long way to go to catch ISP but it’s a good start. I’m still awaiting medals (for those who finished in the top 10) and the trophies for 2nd and 3rd place. Be patient, the organisers have promised me they are due sometime soon (supplier problem).

AIMS and KLSL U15 Boys Football - Chris
Two evenings, two competitions, two bronze medals. Not quite what the doctor ordered but considering the upheaval this team has been through its a satisfying result nonetheless. Three players who were to be integral parts of the team left in August to other International Schools, three players from last season decided not to show up anymore and Niyaz who was likely to provide some of the power-up front was ill so 7 players down the boys went to HELP on Monday 4th November already with a 0-0 draw under their belt from the postponed competition the previous month. First up was Puchong and as always it was a close game. VAR was required as Ben rattled the bar and it looked like it crossed the line, however, the referee waved play on. Roshan then hi the post and you just knew it wasn’t going to be KL’s day. Aakash was on fine form in goal and he didn’t look like being beaten. Seunggoo hit the bar in the second half and as much as they tried, the scores stayed at 0-0. Two 0-0 draws meant the defense was tight but sadly goals were becoming hard to come by. After this game, we found that ISP’s bus had not turned up so the 5 team competition had suddenly become only 4. The results so far meant that Puchong only had to beat SJIIM in their final game to take home the trophy and break TISKL’s 4-year monopoly of the trophy. They did this convincingly to become the Champions. Team Thunder’s last game was against the hosts and only a win would give TISKL second place. It was looking like another 0-0 draw as again Aakash was looking invincible, but as the boys went on all-out attack to try and find the winner, they were exposed at the back and with only two minutes left HELP scored to win the game 1-0. 

Only 24 hours later the same boys but this time with Ian in the ranks headed to SJIIM were they would again see the same 4 teams from the previous evening along with Sri KDU and Fairview KL. The Thunder boys were placed in Group A with the hosts and FISKL and after the previous evening, this was certainly a favourable draw. First up was SJIIM and again the boys struggled against them. Maybe having former TISKL Footballer Rei Jien in their ranks helped? Aakash made his first and only mistake over the two evenings which gifted SJIIM a half time lead. A few harsh words from Mr.Ratcliffe were needed to try and inject some energy into a lethargic performance. Seunggoo scored the first goal of the season to equalize and although the boys had many chances to get the winner they simply fell short when it mattered. Next up was Fairview who had some big boys in their team but Seunnggoo scored early on to calm the Thunder boys nerves. FISKL equalized with a minute to go to half-time and again the boys put themselves under pressure. Seunggoo scored his third goal of the day and the boys had enough in the tank to hold on for a 2-1 win. With SJIIM and FISKL drawing 0-0 in the final game of the pool, it meant TISKL topped the group and would play Puchong in the semi’s, only 24 hours after their 0-0 draw in AIMS. It was quite an uneventful first half, a few saves from Aakash and Puchong cleared one shot off the line. Disaster struck only 1 minute into the second half when Puchong took a quick free kick which caught Dinesh, Ian and Aakash out and their forward kept his nerves and slotted home what was to be the winner. Despite going out for the win, too many naiveties in front of goal meant it was Puchong who progressed to the final vs Sri KDU and Team Thunder would play SJIIM again for bronze. The boys came away with the win courtesy of two second-half goals from Kim and Roshan to round off quite an eventful season. 

Well done to all the boys, Aakash, Roshan, Seunggoo, Hafiy, Charlie, Kim, Dinesh, Ian, Tom & Ben for the two evenings of commitment. 

Mr Chris Ratcllife 
Director of Sport
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