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21 June 2019 - Message From The Principal
Dear parents,

Last Saturday 15th June, I came to school to acknowledge and give my full support to the students and teachers who had given their time in order to commence a Debating and Public Speaking club. I am thrilled by this because to be able to master such skills is exactly what I want. It is the development of these so-called soft skills which increasingly are being sought by the top universities and of course by 21st Century employers. The day was very well organised by Miss Felice Wong and Miss Kanages, so to them a huge thanks. The students found the day exciting and illuminating led by very able facilitators.

In keeping with a similar theme another initiative was also launched this week. Model United Nations. I was thrilled when I found out that this was in the pipeline as in previous schools I have been involved and have seen first-hand how this program can be transformative. Thousands of students around the world take part in this and while it is hard work and challenging it is also developmental and enjoyable.

Model United Nations, or MUN, allows individuals to put themselves in the shoes of a world leader or diplomat denoting a nation or organization and represent their interests on the international stage. Students or delegates as they are now called have to research and argue for or against particular issues, delegates undergo a recreation of a UN committee session, presenting ideas these issues and debating them. In my opening speech on Wednesday I stressed that although a simulation the issues that they would be discussing would be very much real world problems in real time. The end result of all this hard work is to write up a draft resolution - a comprehensive paper that offers a solution to said problem, and after a successful final vote by assembly members, the resolution is passed into effect or not as may be the case.

The skills learned are invaluable. Teamwork, how to construct an argument and counter-argument, skills in negotiation and diplomacy, the writing of position papers, public speaking and all in all building confidence, I pointed out to the students that it is these skills that are being recognised for the future economy. Above all that MUN is FUN because pretending to be a world leader trying to solve world problems is enjoyable. Notable people who when at school were MUN delegates are Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States, Ban Ki-Moon, former UN Secretary-General and Samuel L. Jackson, American actor to name a few. I have to express again a huge thanks to Mrs Baker for taking this project and for the Mr Mikes involvement and support. It is greatly appreciated.

If you want to know more I have attached the link.

Elsewhere in Sport we continue to do very well. Many of you had commented to me at the beginning of my tenure that not enough students were being given opportunities to compete and play interschool sport. I took this to my PE team and to their credit have incorporated many more students into teams than before and have given exposure to more regarding competitions. Like all areas there is always room for improvement but we are trying. A testament to that is last week’s Sports Gala where in all three days students participated, had fun and played a variety of sporting activities. A very well organised three days so well done to the PE Department and Mr Mark. Below is TIS Puchong’s record so far this year. With particular strong Girls Volleyball Team and Under 11’s boys Football Team.




Basketball U’15 Girls (KLISS & KLSL - Cup)

Basketball U’15 Boys (KLSL - Cup) & (KLISS - Plate)

Basketball U’13 Girls (KLSL - Cup) & (KLISS - Plate)

Football U’11 Boys (KLSL - Cup)

Volleyball U’13 Girls (KLISS & KLSL - Cup)

Volleyball U’15 Girls (KLISS - Cup)

Volleyball U’18 Girls (KLISS - Cup)

Volleyball U’18 Boys (KLSL - Cup)

Volleyball U’13 Boys (KLISS - Plate)

Football U’9 Girls (KLISS - Cup)

Hi5 Volleyball U’11 Girls (KLISS - Cup)

Badminton U’13 (KLISS - Cup)

Badminton U’15 (KLISS - Cup)

Runner Ups

Volleyball U’18 Boys (KLSL)

Netball U’14 Girls (Epsom Tournament)

Basketball U’18 Girls (KLSL)

Football U’11 Boys (KLSL - Bowl)

Bronze medal

Basketball U’15 Girls (MSSD)

Hi5 Volleyball U’11 (KLISS)

Football U’11 Boys (Alice Smith Tournament)

Volleyball U’18 Boys (KLISS)

Volleyball U’13 Boys (KLSL - Bowl)
A very busy week as usual with excursions, exit and entry points and the buzz of a very active and energetic school. I continue to thank you for your support and please, please if you do have issues keep bringing them to my attention and remind me if I fail to get back to you. It is not that I have ignored you but rather that with the business of the school day, week, month some can get lost. A gentle reminder from you puts it back on the radar for me.

My team and I are all working hard to take your suggestions on board but not everything is possible immediately. Some take much longer while other improvements are more immediate and yet others are not necessarily visible.

Lastly, I thank you for your support and cooperation with regards to yesterday’s poor air quality. This was caused by an illegal burn. We have lodged very strong complaints with the Council and with DoE. We acted immediately with regards to your children’s safety by having lesson and eating indoors. Rest assured we will continue to do so in such future cases.

Have a good weekend.

Kind regards
Stefano Piumatti
Principal of Taylor’s International School Puchong
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