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Teaching That Makes A Difference
A teacher piques students’ curiosity to engage them in the lesson.
(Pic taken before the Covid-19 pandemic)

Teaching That Makes A Difference

RAISING the next generation of movers and shakers who will make an impact in the future starts from building a strong foundation throughout their formative years and beyond.
This makes giving our children a sound, holistic education most important, for them to get a headstart towards a successful future.
In this vein, Taylor’s International School (TIS) is making a difference in the lives of its students through a teaching approach that maximises every learning opportunity.

Academic excellence alongside the development of character and life skills are top priorities as teachers seek to equip students with a well-rounded and diverse set of experiences to thrive in tomorrow's world.

Delivering engaging and joyful lessons

TIS teaching strategies are rooted in the Quantum Learning system. This approach is based on the brain’s natural way of learning and recognises unique individual learning styles.
Through the use of this proven research-based methodology, teachers pique curiosity and engage students right from the moment a lesson begins.
“My teacher makes learning fun and easy,” says Year 6 TIS Puchong student Hannah Koh.

“She explains things very clearly by using a lot of visuals. If I am still unclear on certain things, she will take the time to re-explain and give more examples for a clearer understanding.”

Koh says she especially enjoys the group based activities carried out in class.
“Through our worksheets, we’ve learnt how to work together. The activities get harder each time and it challenges me to want to learn more.”

A teacher demonstrating an experiment creating ‘A-ha!’ moments of discovery during a Science lesson.
Facilitating innovative learning

TIS teachers take learning a step further by inspiring students to think innovatively about their learning.
Lessons and activities are crafted in ways where students learn how to use different techniques to reach a conclusion.
Students are often challenged to think outside the box for solutions.
“My art teacher encourages me to think out of the box for my creations,” TIS Puchong Year 8 student Kavytasha Ranjithan says.

“She inspires me to try out new techniques and ideas.

“After giving me some direction, she would challenge me to take it further from there. This has helped me gain confidence in my learning.”

Instilling good values

Character development is an integral part of TIS’ curriculum. Strong character and good values are emphasised as part of the foundation during lessons.

Teachers regularly coach students in sociability, effective communication skills and much more.

“We are taught to step up and communicate,” explains TIS Kuala Lumpur Year 9 student Aryan Mirza.

“Our teachers help us get along and they always tell us to coordinate with each other. We are encouraged to talk to everyone and treat the class as one big family,”

A joyful lesson strategically crafted to optimise students’ participation and comprehension. (Pic taken before the Covid-19 pandemic)

Prioritising well-being

TIS teachers recognise the importance of creating a positive and respectful atmosphere that makes students feel safe, trusted, supported, belonged and emotionally confident.

Issues that impact student life such as health and personal safety are also frequently addressed.

“Our teachers care about our mental wellbeing and always check on us,” explains Aryan.

“Every day before classes begin they make sure everyone is fine and doing well. They help us a lot.”

Although student life will always have its fair share of challenges, the well-rounded educational approach adopted at TIS provides students the future ready skills to thrive in their learning years and beyond.
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